3 days 3 quotes// day 2

I am back again with the second day of the 3 days 3 quotes. This is actually kind of fun. I am finding so many good quotes, it’s hard to pick just one!

Here is day one of my quotes.


∇Thank the person who nominated you.

∇Post a new quote for three consecutive days.

∇Nominate three new bloggers each day.

the quote;

Mental health is usually the last place people go when they think about someone being sick. 

-Under Rose-Tainted Skies


This book was so incredibly important to me. It showed accurate rep as to what it is like living with anxiety, panic attacks and OCD. It didn’t have that god-awful “love cures everything” trope. It was just all around so amazing and I think everybody needs to read it.

∇ My review of the book

∇ discussion post: anxiety

∇ discussion post: ocd tendencies

∇ discussion post: panic attacks


The Bookish Chick

Unraveled Pages

Vicariously & Voraciously 

→Feel free to not do this if you already have/don’t want too. I am a little late to the party in terms of this floating around.




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