3 days 3 quotes//day 3

Well I have made it to day 3. I’m going to be completely honest. I pre wrote these. I know I know. I’m awful. Today is blog writing day and I wanted to get a lot of posts out while I’m feeling inspired.

But I’ll quit yammering on and bring you day 3 of this really fun tag. Also are you guys surprised I didn’t use Harry Potter? I wanted to mix things up a little bit!

Day 1

Day 2


∇Thank the person who nominated you.

∇Post a new quote for three consecutive days.

∇Nominate three new bloggers each day.

the quote;

I’ll choose you. No matter how hard it is. No matter what people say. Every time, I’ll choose you. It’s up to you to choose me back.

-Far From You


It’s no secret that this book utterly destroyed me. Looking at the quotes brought back all the memories and all the feels of reading this book. I absolutely loved this book and everything about it.

∇ My review of the book


The Introverted Booknerd

Author’s Canvas

Je Speak Franglish

→Feel free to not do this if you already have/don’t want too. I am a little late to the party in terms of this floating around.




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