the bad beginning book review

4 stars!

I have read most of these books but not in order, even though I think that should be done. But I like to live life on the edge. I have seen, reading the different reviews on this page that a lot of people have grown up with this series like I did with Harry Potter. I can see why this series is so popular and so very dearly treasured.

The three Baudelaire children are all so great in their own way and I adore them all. I identify with Violet the most due to her being the oldest and her drive to protect her siblings. I adore that Klaus is a reader and it shows boys that it’s okay to be well read and love books. Sunny is adorable, even if she does bite. For a middle grade novel, I am pleasantly surprised by how distinct their personalities are. They are on their way to having a fantastic character arc, which you all know I am here for.

My favorite part of this book is how it’s written. Snicket writes in such a cheeky way and I can’t help but smile when I read it. He’ll write what a word means, which I think is great for the younger readers that might not know what a word means. He also likes to add his two cents in here and there. It reminds me of The Princess Bride and how the author would also inject something into the book. The story may be simplistic in terms of plot but damn, it’s a fun and entertaining ride.

Overall, this series is one I know I’m going to like and treasure for sure. I mean my dear friend, Emma, adores it so it has to be good! It’s dark but not too dark, as it is middle grade. The writing is adorable and quirky. The Baudelaire siblings are going to be added in my huge list of fictional siblings along with my real babies. (If you are reading this, hello my siblings!)

Now I need to go watch the Netflix show.




11 thoughts on “the bad beginning book review

  1. Ohh I love this series, even though I’ve just finished book 3 🙂 First I’ve seen the movie, then the first season of the netflix show, so everything is familiar so far. I plan to read all season 2 books before I watch it though 🙂 2nd book is even more funny, I genuinely laughed several times, hope you like it 😀

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  2. I first learned of this series after watching the movie. Naturally, I had my mom buy me half the series. Well it sat. And sat. I think I might have read this one, but honestly, it’s been so long that I can’t remember. I do still want to see the Netflix show for this one though!

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