legend book review// a fantastic dystopian

5 stars!

I can’t stop smiling! I think I might have found my new favorite series! This seriously was so great and ugh, words are failing me right now. I have no idea why I didn’t pick this up sooner but I am regretting sleeping on it. Maybe it was the intimidation. Marie Lu is like a god in the YA world. I think I was afraid I wouldn’t like her and I would have the entire YA fandom on my back. Luckily, that was not the case!

First off, the world was incredibly interesting. It reminded me a lot of the The Testing in the aspect that children at the age of 10 (or in The Testing as teenagers) are tested in a Trial and that determines what they do in life. I would have loved to see more about this but I’m sure we will get that in the next book. I hope anyway. It seems to be a huge factor in this particular world.

I also enjoyed the characters. June was incredibly intelligent (I mean come one, she got a perfect score on her Trial). She was calculating but human. I actually enjoyed her analysis of everything. I can see why it might be annoying to some but to me it was fascinating to see how her mind worked. Too often, when a character is incredibly gifted, they came of as cold and like a robot. Not June. She was every bit a teenager. Emotions and all.

Day was great too. I always have a soft spot for those characters that are hard hearted but when they let someone in, they love them with every ounce of their being. I loved his dedication to his family. That warmed my heart. In the end, he’s just a boy who wants to do right by his family and I can appreciate that. He very much reminded me of Robin Hood.

If I could offer one tiny complaint, it’s that I would have loved a map. It was hard to picture just where everything was happening. Some of the state names were kept like Texas but I would have liked to these were the Colonies and the Republic were. Were the state lines different than what they are now? These are things I need to know so I can visualize what is going down.

Overall, this was amazing! I was completely entranced from the first page. I want to know everything about this cool new world. This will (hopefully) be my next favorite dystopian. After The Hunger Games of course.




4 thoughts on “legend book review// a fantastic dystopian

  1. Nice review! As you already know, I’m reading this one right now. I’m liking it a lot, though I’m not sure I’m liking it enough to continue on with the series when I’m done. But who knows, that might change by the time I finish it! Maybe it’s just because I just read The Hunger Games and I can’t do two YA dystopian books in a row, lol.

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