the miseducation of cameron post book review

3 stars!

This book made me so mad! Yes, I read the synopsis before I read it so I knew that the conversion camp was going to happen but I am still allowed to be angry about it. I am absolutely disgusted that families actually send their loved ones to gay conversion camps because “homosextuality is a sin.” Man, I wanted to punch a wall when I got to that part. It just completely blows me away that there are some people who think so archaically.

Alright, anger aside. Let’s chat about the book. This book wasn’t bad. It had a lot of valid points and Cameron was likeable enough as an MC but this book was incredibly wordy. Every single thing was described in minute details. It was okay at first but after a while, it got to be a bit much. My eyes would glave over the paragraphs because some of them would actually fill a page on my Kindle, I kid you not. In those words, there were important topics. I’m not denying that this book is important, because it is, but it really needed paragraph breaks. I think the message would have gotten across more cleanly, for me anyway, if this had been a thing.

I liked Cameron as an MC, as I briefly mentioned. She was real and likeable as a teenger. (I am old and sometimes I cannot deal with teenage drama. I’m resident grandpa friend for a reason, friends.) She acted like a teenager, which is something I always look for when reading about teenagers and that was something I could appreciate. She had a lot of inner monologues for a teenager but I like to think I was smart when I was a teenager so I can understand why they were there. My heart broke for her because of everything she went through. She didn’t deserve any of that.

It just completely blows my mind that parents (guardians) would just willingly send their loved one to a conversion camp. I know I sound like a broken record but I’m serious. It just blows. my. mind. The entire “school” (if you could even call it that) was disgusting. Lydia, the resident “psychologist” was horrible and the lies she spread were awful. All I saw was red whenever she spoke. She doesn’t deserve to have that title of psychologist. I could seriously go on and on about how horrible this place was.

Overall, this book was alright but it might not have been for me. It has an incredibly important message and I think a lot of people need to read it to understand the important message. Despite my average rating, I still recommend it to everybody. I’m excited for the movie because I might like it better (blasphemy, I know) and because I love everything about Chloe Grace Moretz.

This was part of a month long buddy read over at Sapphic Squad but I could only loan the book for 2 (two) weeks so that is why I finished it so early.





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