the last place you look (#1) book review

4 stars!

tw: rape, sexual assault, alcoholism, parental verbal abuse (briefly mentioned)

Another thriller down and I get more and more hooked on the genre. In all honesty, I hadn’t planned on reading this. I didn’t even know it existed, if I’m being completely honest. I was approved for the second book through Netgalley (when I went on a St. Martin’s Press book adding binge) but didn’t realize it until I went to add it on my currently reading Goodreads shelf. Thankfully, Overdrive rescued me and I was able to read this book so I can read the second book as I do not know if this series operates as stand alones.

This book wasn’t too bad but I do have a few complaints I’d like to address. One: could we please leave the “cops/PIs/law enforcement have drinking problems” trope behind? Not everyone in law enforcement/retired from law enforcement (Roxane is a private investigator) has a drinking problem. It’s really a harmful stereotype that I think we just leave in 2018.

Two: the book was quite slow in the beginning. Roxane gets a case, which at first is just a routine missing person’s case, but quickly becomes personal. I wasn’t super interested in the case because it was just a case, as horrible as that sounds being as a person is missing and presumed dead. There wasn’t anything spectacular about it besides a person on death row for that person being missing. Luckily, after learning more and more about what is really going on with the case, I became a lot more interested. But I couldn’t ignore the beginning, hence the 4 (four) stars.

Okay, on to the good stuff, which was Roxane and her amazing character arc. I loved her! She is bisexual, which is something I have yet to see when it comes to law enforcement. She didn’t have to come out to anyone nor did she have to explain herself. I also enjoyed the fact that Roxane is a feminist. In one instance, she is buying a nondescript hat and picks out like a grey hat. The cashier asked if her if she wanted a “girly” hat and she about flipped her lid because there isn’t such a thing as a “girly” hat. It was just a hat! There were so many instances like that and it made me fall in love with her every time. She wasn’t perfect but I couldn’t help but love her all the same. I really don’t want to say much more because I want you all to experience Roxanne in your own way.

Overall, writing reviews for thrillers is so hard! You want to go on and on about the twists and turns but can’t unless you want to spoil everything for everybody. Hence why this review is so weird and not really about the book. But trust me on this, despite the harmful trope, this was actually a really good thriller/mystery and I couldn’t be more pleased that I found it.




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