#MomMondays: blood and beauty review

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I would also like to preface this #MomMondays review by explaining why there wasn’t a post on April 9. I found out that a coworker passed away and I was not feeling up to posting something. I’d like to thank my readers for being so understanding and kind during that time. It was so appreciated!

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3 stars!

tw: racism, incest (implied), gruesome animal death, sexism, rape, sexual assault

Well. This was one hell of a book. 500 pages of one family and what they did, laid bare for all to see. The Borgias. What. A. Family. My word! And here I thought the Pope was supposed to be a virtuous man. Guess not during the 15th century.

This book was intense. I knew nothing about the Borgias. I didn’t even know the patriarch was a Pope. All I knew was that there was a TV show about the family and I think this book was the source of that show. I may or may not watch it. It’s currently on Netflix but I’m so behind in everything that it may just have to be put on the backburner.

I learned a lot about the Borgias. They were a ruthless family, doing whatever they could to get to the top and remain there. They did it by any means necessary, which often included murder. I am amazed this family got away with the things they did but money talks, I suppose.

I would have given this 4 (four) stars, maybe even 5 (five) but the synopsis was kind of misleading. I thought this was mostly about Lucrezia and how she navigates life as a Borgia. I did get that but I also got POVs from different members of the family. I didn’t mind that, per se, but I just wasn’t expecting it so it diminished my liking of this book.

Another point I want to make before I end this post is the way this book was written. It was written in present tense (I think it’s called second person but I could be wrong), so we essentially experienced everything in real time. It was certainly an interesting way to write a history book. I’m not sure I liked it. I’d have to read more books like that in order to make a better opinion.

Overall, this was interesting and fascinating book. I told myself I would read more books from different time periods of history and I did that, thanks to Mom. This book was sparked a curiosity in the Catholic church history that I would like to explore more. In terms of recommendations, if you can get past the trigger warnings and size then I think history lovers would like this book.




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