arc review: eternity’s echoes

3 stars!

A special thank you goes out to the author, Evan Hirson, for giving me an e-copy of this book! All thoughts and opinions are my own!

tw: use of the word  r*tard

This book had a lot of potential but it fell just a little bit flat for me. Time traveling is always a bit tricky to write about because of how confusing it can be. There is a reason I don’t watch Doctor Who. I applaud the author for going for that topic and I can tell a lot of research was put into this book, which is something I can always appreciate.

That being said, this book needed a little bit of editing done. There was some spelling, grammatical, and sentence structure errors. Nothing a good run through can’t fix. One example of this is that new paragraphs were started when the same person talked. Now I’m not an editor but I think when the same person speaks, you can keep it in the same paragraph. But I don’t know.

The plot was interesting but it needed to be slowed down by a lot. Things progressed super quickly and I didn’t get a chance to develop relationships with the characters, which you all know I am here for. I bonded a little bit with Kim but not as much as I wanted too. The book is pretty short, clocking in at 149 pages so adding to it would be a benefit. It just need to more, because the concepts were so cool and I wanted to really explore them.

This sounds very negative so far but I did enjoy this book. One of the things I really loved was the rep for agoraphobia and anxiety. One of the characters, Kim, cannot leave her home and hardly leaves her room. I don’t have agoraphobia (more social anxiety that makes me want to stay home/safe spaces) so I can’t speak for the rep all the way but I thought it was well done. I also appreciated that the other characters that lived in the house, except for Travis, accepted Kim and didn’t try to push her too hard when it came to her disability. They comforted her in times of stress and did not make her doing anything she didn’t want to do. I loved that and we need more of that in books!

Overall, this had a ton of potential but it just wasn’t quite there. The story wasn’t bad and it was actually quite interesting. Time travel is such a great topic, even though it’s complicated, because of how broad it is and all the different ideas that can be used. I just needed more time with the characters so I could bond with them properly and I needed more time with the concepts so I could understand them better as science fiction is still a genre I have not fully explored. Overall, this was a good, quick read and I’m glad I read it.




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