book review: the young queens (#0.5)

5 stars!
For some reason, I debated about what to rate this novella. Then after a couple minutes, it dawned on me, that I found nothing wrong with this novella and giving it less then 5 (five) stars seemed silly.

This won’t be much of a review because after all, this is a novella. But I must say I am so glad I read it. I had a lot of questions from the two books and this novella answered a lot of them. I won’t say what my questions are because spoilers and I’m not about that spoiling life.

You may remember from my reviews of the first two books (found here and here ) that I didn’t like Arsinoe or Mirabella. However, after reading this, I developed a respect for them. Especially for Mirabella and what she went through in the beginning. Katharine still reigns supreme in my heart as favorite Queen but I no longer dislike the other two sisters.

I’m just going to end this review by saying pick this up if you love Three Dark Crowns or One Dark Throne and you had a lot of questions while reading the books.


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