book review: hotel vendome

3 stars!

tw: drug use, parental neglect
Another solid piece coming from good old Danielle Steel. This was another before GR read and I wanted to see if my feelings on it were still the same, as I read it back in high school. I still had most of the same feelings, which of course, I’ll discuss in my review.

One of the biggest things that bothered me was Heloise and her behavior when an event happened involving her dad. I’ll discuss this more in the next paragraph as it’s not really a spoiler, but maybe avoid the next paragraph if you want to go into this completely blind. Her behavior was complete inappropriate for a woman her age. She was 19 years old when this event occurred

Let me give a little backstory: Heloise grows up with just her dad, Hugues. There were each other entire world. Maybe a little too much. I admit, their relationship made me a tad uncomfortable. But then Hugues meets someone really important to him and Heloise basically has a melt down and demands she be the only woman in his life and ignores her dad for months because she is suddenly not the only woman in his life. The book was going really well until this part and I was completely disgusted with Heloise. Sure, there are mean step moms and step dads but Natalie was kind and considerate. Heloise treated her like garbage and I wasn’t okay with this. And the worst part? Hugues just let it happen because he was afraid of his daughter and upsetting her. I’m sorry but that is not okay. Heloise was behaving incredibly inappropriately and needed to be called out on it.

Okay, enough of that. The book itself wasn’t bad. Just classic run of the mill Danielle Steel. She does alot of telling and not showing. But I find I don’t mind this at times as I get lost in the story. And as for Heloise, she did redeem herself slightly and mellowed out as she got older. But I still couldn’t rate the story any higher after that event and her behavior.

Overall, not bad but not the best thing I have read from her. Setting the story in a hotel is a sure fire way to make any story magical and despite Heloise, parts of it were still magical. I wouldn’t mind living in a hotel and reading this novel makes me really want too!




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