monthly wrap up: april//part 2

As promised, here is part 2 of the April monthly wrap up. This is where I will chat about my blog posts and how things have been going on that end. This will also include the goals I gave myself from the April tbr and goals post.

Click here to read part 1 of the April monthly wrap up.

the stats;

∇ posts written: 22

∇ #MomMondays: 1

∇ views: 617

∇ average per day: 21

favorite posts;


Blood and Beauty book review


The Raven Boys book review

Barbed Wire Heart book review

Cover Reveals

∇ The South Winds


The Make Up Essentials book tag

Blogger Recognition Award 2018

goals: did I complete them?

Blue means my comments on the goals.

∇ Get at least 6 hours of sleep a night. Sure, I suppose I did this for the most part.

∅ Hit diamond SR in Overwatch. I was so damn close. I hit about 2873 SR. Diamond is 3000 SR. I had a lag like none other the last night the competitive season so I wasn’t able to do it. 

∅ Be caught up on the GR reading challenge. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA…no.

∅ Work on graphic and layout changes. I am not doing well on anything I set out to do.

∇ Finish owned books list by April 12. I did this! The total was 293!

discussion time;

This month was pretty interesting for me. I was still in a bit of a slump and wasn’t sure what I wanted to read or do on this blog. So I just started reading everything that was in front of me. And then I realized, I needed to read more Danielle Steel. She is my go to author for anything and everything. So I read a couple more of her books and BAM! Slump nearly gone. I’m still unsure of just what I wanted to read but it’s getting better and better. I’m actually pretty excited to read again.

I also started a new system where I blog hop Tuesdays and Thursday and every other Saturdays. I just recently changed it to every Month and Thursday and kept the every other Saturday. This has resulted in me having content to post just about everyday as it gives me plenty of time to read and work on posts. I no longer worry if I have enough time to do posts nor do I worry that I won’t be able to finish a book in time to make a post.

I went away for the weekend, which was just what I needed. You can read this posts here and here. I got too many books but that is okay with me! I also got to spend quality time with my mom and sister, which is always a plus.

Overall, this wasn’t a horrible month. It was stressful for me in terms of my personal life in the last week but it’s gotten a lot better. I’m ready to move on and keep up this wonderful thing I have going on.




3 thoughts on “monthly wrap up: april//part 2

  1. I’m so happy to hear that you’re feeling a lot better! Weekends away are seriously the best! I just got back from a surprise weekend away with my fiance and it has made me a lot more focused on my blog and writing. Also, finding the times that work best for you is the best in keeping away the stress. I hope May is a less stressful month for you! 🙂


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