book review: the language of thorns

language of thorns

collective rating: 3.67 stars! Each short story was given a chance to obtain 5 (five) stars. I rated each book then added up the stars and divided by 6 (six) (for the number of short stories).

What an absolutely beautiful set of short stories. Even though I rated most of the stories 3 (three) stars, I highly enjoyed this and it was such a great addition to the Grisha world. I will briefly talk about each story and give a rating. It is what I have seen other reviewers do and it should work just as well for me.

Ayama and the Thornwood– 4 stars
This was beautiful. It had a really good moral to it (well I think it did anyway) which was looks aren’t everything. Ayama was clever and I admired her bravery immensely. I’m not sure what fairy tale this was based on though. Maybe Beauty and the Beast? Regardless, I adored this one.

The Too Clever Fox– 3.5 stars
I’m not sure if I am the biggest fan of animal stories but regardless, I enjoyed this story. Koja was a fascinating little MC. Deporte how he was treated, I liked how he cared for his little forest family and looked out for them as best he could. Again, I have no idea what fairy tale this is based on or if it’s a fairy tale all on it’s own.

The Witch of Duva– 3.5 stars
This was very reminiscent of Hansel and Gretel but with a twist. It was a twist I should have enjoyed but I found I didn’t. I didn’t care for the whole “evil stepmother” trope and I just couldn’t connect with Nadya. But I enjoyed the way it was written.

Little Knife– 4 stars
I enjoyed this one immensely mainly because I finally got to see Grisha power! The Grisha powers was one of my favorite things in the Grivaverse trilogy. My one complaint is why are all these women so beautiful? That was literally what this whole little story was about. I know it’s fairy tale retellings but the whole women are beautiful and men fighting over them is getting old. But yay for Grisha powers!

The Soldier Prince2 stars
My least favorite of the anthology. It started out okay. But things went sour really quick. I wasn’t okay with a grown man chasing a 12 year old. And then I must have missed something because the story got really focusing and I had no idea what was going on. I’m assuming this is based on The Nutcracker? But I’ve never read/seen that so I don’t really know.

When Water Sang Fire– 5 stars, favorite
My most favorite story! This was a beautiful retelling of The Little Mermaid. Fun fact- I don’t care for Disney so I prefer the original fairy tales. I felt this respected the original fairy tale. Ulla and Signy were adorable and I firmly believe they are OTP (one true pair). I will be rereading this one over and over again, wishing it was a full length novel.

I can’t do a review on this book without talking about those breathtaking illustrations. I mean, my god, I spent a solid 5 (five) minutes just flipping through the book and breathing in the smell. My favorite illustrations were on these stories Ayama and the Thornwood and When Water Sang Fire.

Overall, you can’t go wrong getting this book. Even if you weren’t a fan of the Grishaverse trilogy or the Six of Crows duology, I think you all woud enjoy this just for the fairy tale retellings and the illustrations.




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