book review: the witch sea

4 stars!

This was read as part of the Goodreads Inspired Read-a-thon.
The challenge was pick a book with a title that either fascinates you or you find completely absurd. I picked this book for that challenge because I was fascinated with the title.

What an absolutely beautiful short story! This would make such an excellent full length novel. I hope the author does make this a full length novel. I’m really just surprised that I liked it considering I’m not the biggest fan of short stories. I feel they are too short and leave a lot left out. But not with this!

The writing is really what got me. It was written so beautifully and prosey. It made my heart sing. This author has a gift and I hope they continue to write for years to come. Sarah Diemer was able to combine a backstory along with an actual story into one tiny short story. That takes a lot of skill and I applaud you, Sarah!

Even though this was a short story, I still bonded with the characters. I would have liked to spend more time with Meriel and Nor but I guess I’ll just have to re-read the book in order to do that. I just adored this relationship and wanted nothing more than for them to have a happy ending.

Overall, a delightful little novel. I will be looking out for more works by this author because I am so hooked. Plus now, I want to read all the books about mermaids.

“I don’t know what do,” I whispered then…





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