help me decide?

Yes, I am the Queen of vague titles. Click bait at it’s finest, yeah?

Anyway. I am writing this post because I need your help, friends! My hometown is having their annual fair in July. They have a lot of contests such as livestock and quitmaking, but one is particular I want to join and that is the photography one. I don’t talk about my photography a lot, as I don’t do bookstagram, but I do shoot a lot. I have a Canon Rebel t3i and a Fujifilm Finepix S. Their names are Victoria and MaryAnn. Don’t judge me.

This year, I wanted to participate in the fair contest and get my name out there for photography. But I don’t know what I want to submit. There is where you come in. Below I’ll list the categories and my instagram to my photography page. Could you all go on my instagram page and help me decide which one you want? Below is the class that I can submit things in:

Class 501 – Color Photography

Lot #

1.Focus on People

2. Focus on Animals

3. Focus on Nature (this is kind of my forte)

4. Focus on Still Life (posed inanimate object(s))

5. Focus on a form of Transportation

6. Series- 3 or more mounted prints telling a story (I don’t think any of my photography does this)

7. Other Photo not in above catergories


I am limited to 2 (two) entries per lot. There are other classes like Black and White and Digitally Enhanced but my work isn’t digitally enhanced (only thing that is done is auto correct on color) and I rarely do black and white.

Just to put “pick this one” if you want me to submit that particular picture. This will help me decide what the people like and therefore, what the judges might pick.


This is my instagram! Go and search with the @ photographybylacy. 


I’ll have the deciding go until July 1. I have to have the pictures in by July 18 and I need time to mat the pictures, which I’m not looking forward too. I am horrible at doing that.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work! I hope you all enjoy it!





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