discussion post: books I want to give a second chance

In my 2 (two) star shelf, there are 8 (eight) books there. Since I have started Goodreads, I have read 288 books. Now to only have eight books out of 288 be two stars isn’t shabby. That is some percentage that I don’t feel like doing right now.

My three star shelf is different. It has 64 books in there. A lot of them were alright. There were just a few things here and there that made it kind of hard for me to give them the full 4 (four) and 5 (five) stars.

But I am not here to discuss statistics about my Goodread shelves. I am here to talk about books I want to give a second chance. These are books I feel I might have judged too harshly, let the hype get to me, etc etc. I want to give these books another go and see if my feelings on them have changed.

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And I Darken by Kiersten White

This is a book that I felt I judged a bit unfairly. It’s a gender bent retelling of Vlad the Impaler. At the time of finishing this book, I didn’t know this so I was frustrated with Lada and her violence during the entire course of reading it. I was all for her standing up for herself and not letting any man run her down but her violence really got to me. And this is coming from someone that loves God of War.  I don’t even understand my own logic most days. However, I now know that is the case and I am ready to give it another go since I managed to find beautiful hardbacks of book 1 and 2 at a thrift store.


Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Surprised to see this one on the list? Yeah, me too. You all know that I really disliked this book. I had felt that the book was lying for the sake of lying. Scarlett was weak and Tella was a selfish brat. But I really did like part of the world, even though there was a lot of lying involved. I want to give this another chance for a couple of reasons. One is the second book, Legendary, is out and I have seen a lot more positive reviews in terms of the world and Tella. Maybe she gets a character redemption. Two is I think this was also another book where I let the hype ruin this for me like And I Darken. I think giving this another shot might change my thoughts on it.


The Last Star by Rick Yancey

This book was such a disappointment for me, I swear to all that is buttery that it almost put me in a reading slump. I loved the heck out of The 5th Wave and I enjoyed The Infinite Sea. I loved the movie of The 5th Wave (mostly because of my girl, Chloe Grace Moretz). But this book. This book pissed me off. I understood nothing of what was going on. There was a million different POVs. I still don’t understand the ending. So why would I even remotely consider giving it another chance? Well, I blame that I had to wait over a year to read the last book after I read The Infinite Sea. I feel like my memory was hazy and that is what contributed to me not liking the book. I want to binge on them all and see if my feelings changed.

girls made of snow and glass

Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust

I won this book in part of a Goodreads giveaway. I was really excited because it looked like a beautiful book and the concept sounded really interesting as a retelling of Snow White. I enjoyed the step mother/daughter bond and it’s complicatedness. Those types of relationships are never easy. Plus this had a f/f relationship, with one of the ladies being involved in science. But for some reason, I was so meh about the whole book. I couldn’t place my finger on why, specifically, I didn’t like or dislike the book. Since I have read the book, I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews and a lot of love for this book. I want to get a finished copy (I believe mine was an ARC) and see if my feelings change. Because I really want them too.

Alright, I think that is it. Let me know if there are some books you have noticed on my shelves that you think I should re-read that you don’t see on the list.




10 thoughts on “discussion post: books I want to give a second chance

  1. I love that you are willing to give these books another go and I hope some of them improve for you in the process! I personally have to give the 5th wave another go. I went to read it after loving the movie and just never finished it? I think another book I was way excited for came out at the time? I am not sure and its just kind of been siting on my shelf ever since :/

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    1. Thank you! Sometimes, I feel like I wasn’t in the right mindset to read the book. Sometimes a book just needs a second go in order for me to love it. I gave The Giver a second chance and it’s now one of my favorite books. I would def give The 5th Wave another try! I loved it! Cassie is a delight! lol.

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  2. I totally understand how you feel about Caraval. I felt really confused with all the lying involved too, but I think the world building was fantastic, so for me it made up for the weirdness haha

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  3. i reallyyyy did not like caraval…but The Last Star and And I Darken are two books i had on my tbr and then removed, so i’m excited to see your thoughts if you do end up rereading!

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