book review: the alloy of law (#1 of the Mistborn: The Alloy of Law series)

3.5 stars!
tw: child neglect/abuse (mentioned but not shown on page)

Well, I am disappointed. I really loved the Mistborn trilogy or the first three books, since this is the fourth book in the series. Sazed was my guy and needed to be protected at all costs. Vin was the star of the book with her exceptional character growth. The action and adventure along with the metal powers and political intrigue is what captured my heart. The trilogy was top notch, despite the less than positive remarks from the author about the LGBTQIA+ community.

But this? I don’t know. I was more or less bored during most of it. Even the plot twist at the end was just kind of eh. It came a bit too late for me. The plot was interesting but the way it was executed was just not for me. I found that I couldn’t care enough about it. The only thing that made me laugh and gave me life was the friendship between Wax and Wayne along with the absolutely amazing Marasi.

Wax and Wayne together was just hilarious. Good natured ribbing and bickering friendships give me life as that is how I am with my friends. The friendship never felt toxic or imbalanced. I mention the imbalance because Wax comes from a much better upbringing than Wayne and I know sometimes that leads to imbalance and toxicity in friendships. But that wasn’t the case in this friendship. Each brought something to the table and were as close as brothers. I seriously could read an entire book of them just talking.

Marasi. What an absolute gem. She is in school to be in law (which was considered very unfeminine in this book) but despite that, she does it and still retains her femininity (she isn’t a big fan of pants). I loved how analytic she was but she wasn’t robotic. All she wanted to do was change the world and I had nothing but respect for her. I like that her femininity wasn’t lost for toughness and vice versa. Often times, women in fantasy books aren’t written the best but Marasi was written so well. I hope we get more of her in the next book.

Yes, despite me being bored for most of the book, I want to continue. I’m hoping I will get more into this series and try to remember that this won’t be the Mistborn that I know and love. I think I might have had better thoughts about this book if it was it’s own separate entity. I mean it could still be Mistborn but a different series. Really, it’s only for the Wax/Wayne friendship and Marasi. But whatever. I’ll take what I can get.


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