book review: the dream thieves (book #2 of The Raven Cycle)

2.5 stars and that is being generous
I can’t go one with this series anymore. I just cannot do it. This book and the series so far, is very character driven and I now don’t like any of the characters. Yes, I’m not longer a fan of Adam. I’ll explain more in the review.

My biggest complaint continues to be Ronan and unfortunately this book was really all about him. Ronan is an abusive asshole (pardon my language). Nothing anyone can say can convince me otherwise. He treats his “friends” like garbage. He treats his family like garbage. There is no redeeming quality about him and I will fight to the death about this. Case closed. Thank you drive thru.

As for the rest of the group, they were okay but nothing to shake at. Adam was really starting to frustrate me with his lack of wanting help. I get that it’s a pride thing but there is absolutely no shame is asking your friends for help. Blue continues to just fly off the handle about small things but I must admit, I liked that she finally stands up against Ronan. Noah was not a huge part of the book so I don’t have a lot to say about him. And as for Gansey, I was actually kind of liking him. He has a lot more wit in this book and I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between him and Blue (when she wasn’t on the defense about everything)

Besides Ronan ruining this whole book, I must admit the Maggie S. can write. Her writing style is very whimsical and I liked that. Her knows how to describe things beautifully and I have a feeling I might enjoy her other work because of her writing.

But the writing was the only shining light of this book. The plot meandered and the gang is not even close to setting out with what they want to do. Plus there was this introduction to a character that I don’t think was really needed and served no real purpose to the story but to get the book to drive away from the plot even more.

Okay, I’m done. I can’t do this anymore. Life is too short to waste it on bad books. I am on to bigger and better reading opportunities.


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