the exorcist: tv show vs book #spoilers

I ran a poll on my Twitter a little bit ago about potentionally doing a comparision post between the TV show and the book of The Exorcist. The only problem? The TV show would be spoiled. (You’ll get more of an explantion down below)

The census of the poll was to do the post but put spoiler tags.


This post will be full of spoilers. I normally don’t put spoilers if I can’t help it. I’ll often link them to my GR review I need too.

But I can’t do that here.

That being said.

This is your final warning. If you don’t want the show (only the first season will be talked about) spoiled for you, turn back now and don’t read this. Unless you don’t mind spoilers. Then by all means, enjoy!

the book;

I have already reviewed the book, which you can see here, so I’ll keep this part brief. Regan, a child, has been possessed and her mother enlists the help of a couple priests to help her daughter in the hopes that she can be saved.

The book, while it wasn’t that scary, was gorey and sometimes disgusting. I can see how many a movie, TV show and books were inspired by this book. William Peter Blatty was truly a gifted writer. His writing style may be a little weird and awkward in some places but overall, I did actually enjoy this book and was glad I read it.


the tv show;

The first season of the TV show revolves around the Rance family. Strange things start happening and the youngest, Casey, becomes possessed. Angela, the mom, enlists the help of Father Marcus and Father Tomas, an exorcist and a priest,  to help save Casey’s soul.

I highly enjoyed the TV show. Father Marcus was easily one of my favorite characters. He has a lot of trauma from his youth but he never gives up and tries to do everything he can to save Casey. The show really set a nice pace for a deep and complex story, not just involving the Rance family.

discussion time;


I realized as I tried to do a comparison post that doing the actual comparison would be rather challenging. The TV show is a continuation of the book in a sense. Casey’s mom, Angela is actually Regan as an adult.

Yup. That is the huge spoiler.

And I was so blown away by this. I didn’t see it coming but the demon  mentioned the name Captain Howdy, I was like “ope, it’s the same demon.” Yes, I said ope because I am a Midwesterner and that is what we say about anything.  And then everything all click together and I binged the rest of the season in a hurry. I was super excited about this because during the episodes I was wondering how they were going to tie in The Exorcist with the show.

The show not only involves the Rance family but an entire conspiracy going all the way into the Vatican. I appreciated this, even though it was not my favorite aspect of the show. But it added another layer of story that can be used in the next season.

the characters;

There is also the backstories of Father Marcus and Father Tomas. Father Marcus is deeply traumatized by what he went through in the church and his family. He’s a bit unorthodox in his ways but I generally think he cares about the people he tries to save.

Father Tomas was another great character. He struggles a lot with his identity (being Spanish and American). He has a lot riding on his shoulders and I sense a lack of self confidence in him. But I also sensed that he wanted to do right in the world. Also I got give a shout out to wonderful casting. Alfonso Herrera was amazing and he blended Spanish with English so well, it felt natural and not at all forced.

The Rance family was amazing. They were the typical American family, so to speak. Sibling relationships weren’t perfect but they were real. Angela was very hard working but cared a lot about her family. Henry, the dad, was the same way. It was clear they all loved each but there was discord and the demon fed on that.

There were a lot more characters with the side story of the Vatican but I can’t really remember a lot of them because it was something I wasn’t super into. I got more into that story in the second season but we aren’t here to talk about the second season. (But I really loved the second season. Truck made my heart just melt.)

the verdict?

Honestly, I think both the book and the TV show is excellent in their own way. The book starts the story and the TV show finishes it. Now, I haven’t seen the other two movies so what I’m about to say is probably not accurate, but I’ve always wondered what happened to Regan. With the TV show, I got closure.

I would highly recommend both book and TV show. The show only has two seasons, which is upsetting. Fox went on a cancel binge and cancelled this show. I do not know if it will be able to be saved. I really hope so but if not, then oh well.




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