book review: every heart a doorway (#1 of the Wayward Children series)

5 stars!

This was part of Jamison’s Marvel-a-thon, which is being held from June 1 to July 1.

The challenge was Iron Man: Read the first book in a series. 

tw: some intentional misgendering but it’s always challenged

Why oh why did I sleep on this book for so long? I am absolutely kicking myself. This book was absolutely bloody amazing and I could find nothing wrong with it in the slightest. And apparently I can’t find another word to use besides absolutely.

The diversity was out of this world. Nancy was asexual. Sumi was Japanese. Kade was transgender. I mean the list goes on and on. And the best part? It was natural. I always look for that when I read book with deiversty. The fact that Seanan McGuire was able to fit everything divers in a short book was incredible and every single writer needs to take note of this.

Nancy and Jack were my favorite characters. Be assured though, I loved them all. But these two held my heart. I connected with Nancy on a such a deep and spiritual level. I understood her need for stillness and wanting to return to her world. I loved Jack’s wit. I could listen to her talk all day. Honestly the things she said had me rolling on the floor. Plus, she loved science which is great. We need more girls in STEM.

This was the perfect length. Not to short, not too long and this suprirsed me. I am known for loving those really long books. I thought for sure, when I started, I would have issues with the length. But nope, I didn’t and I am heckin amazed! The concept with the different types of worlds was incredibly intriguing and highly unique. It’s something I never read about I want to read more. And I think it worked for the shortness of the book.

Overall, this was absolutely fantastic. I want to rush to my library and find the rest of the series and binge read them. This book more than deserves the hype it has surrounding it. Without a doubt. Everybody needs to take a day and just read this book and the series. Granted, I haven’t read the rest of the series but I know I will love it!




17 thoughts on “book review: every heart a doorway (#1 of the Wayward Children series)

  1. Oh boy, I haven’t read one bad review on this book! It’s also short so I think I should start this next. Right now I’m so hooked on Harry Potter, I’m surprised at myself of why I didn’t read those books earlier lol

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      1. Hahah I’m reading Harry Potter for the first time, and considering that I didn’t even remember the movies at all, reading it is sooo new to me. Back to the days of elementary school feels and snape-hate haha

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  2. YES. BINGE THIS SERIES! It’s even better because the diversity just keeps coming across the series and all the characters are FANTASTIC and the magical elements are phenomenal and I just love this series S O M U C H !

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