book review: past perfect

3.5 stars!

tw: child death, parental death, sexist comments (not challenged)

Well this was a first for DS. She has never written a ghost story before and in some aspects, I could tell. Mainly, because it wasn’t scary. However, she wrote a nice letter explaining why she wrote this and how nervous she was. I thought that was nice. Kudos to DS for writing outside her comfort zone. I can always respect an author that tries to branch out of their normal comfort zone.

Now for the real question: Did it pay off? Hmmmm. Yes and no. I enjoyed the story immensely. Especially when it came to the ghost family. I would have loved to read a novel of just them. That is where DS shines. She is so great at writing novels based in history. My favorite book of hers is based during World War two. I loved the combinations of the two families, centuries apart, and how they interacted with each other. They each taught each other that family isn’t always blood. I think that is just oh so important.

But, once I realized that there was no plot ot the this book and it was just about the families, my interest waned slightly and I was just reading to finish it at that point. I thought something was going to happen. Like something so dramatic that it would affect both of the families in a pretty significant way because DS has done this in previous novels. I kept waiting and waiting for this but nothing happened. I guess I should have expected this. I’ve read enough DS novels to know that her novels almost alway end with a happy ever after despite the plot twists she sometimes throws in there. (I’m still traumatized by The Prodigal Son)

Overall, I did enjoy this. DS wrote something that was completely out of the norm for her. It worked in some levels but it also didn’t work. Regardless, I’m glad I read it and it’s onto the next novel of hers.




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