book review: the lightning thief (book #1 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians)


4 stars!

This book was read as part of Jamison’s Marvel-a-Thon.
The challenge was Hulk: Read a book with a green color. 

I guess this is the year I kick myself for not reading a lot of books. I’m going to be black and blue by the year’s end because I have a lot more books to read that I should have read. But seriously, I have to ask myself this: what was I doing when I was younger?! Oh yeah, obsessing over Harry Potter. insert eye roll emoji I would have loved this, though, when I was a child. I easily see myself obsessing over this when I was younger. And I do love it now but it was still very much middle grade and that kind of hindered me from giving it a full 5 (five) stars. I wasn’t the target audience and this was the first time, in a long time, where I felt my age while reading a book. Boy, did I feel my age.

It was so cool to see the gods in real life and how they lived, if they lived on Earth. Despite how horrible Ares was in the book, he was my favorite god. Honestly, he was just how I pictured he would be in human form. It was also exciting to see Hades, although I wish I could have seen my queen, Persephone. This book also does a good job of explaining the myths and the gods. I am not up to snuff on my mythology and haven’t been for a while. Good ole Percy made sure I was caught up and I loved that! Easily my favorite parts of the book.

Percy Jackson, as a character, reminded me a lot of Harry Potter but just a little bit quicker on his feet. Percy seemed to know how to get himself out of situations better than Harry. But boy, Percy was just as sassy. I forgot how mouthy 12 year old boys can be. All that aside, I really enjoyed Percy. He was written like a child and I appreciated that. I also enjoyed that disabilities were in this book. Percy has dyslexia along with ADHD. I do not see that repped a lot and it was refreshing to see it. I can’t speak for how well the rep was, as I do not have either of the things, but i thought it was well done.

Overall, I really enjoyed this and I’m glad I finally broke my Percy Jackson seal. This was a fantastic introduction to the series and I think I will grow to love it even more. It’s a tiny bit too middle grade for me, as I mentioned above, but I know I’m not the target audience ago and that is fine by me. I’m still going to read it and I have heard that it starts going more into YA.




8 thoughts on “book review: the lightning thief (book #1 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

  1. Hi! I’m glad you liked it! It was a little bit middle grade for me, too, but again, it’s not his fault 🙂 I have started this series some time ago but I am stuck with the third one. I hope to continue it soon, or else I would forget all about it!!!!

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  2. This series sounds absolutely amazing! I actually had to watch the first movie for the Mythology class one semester and I fell in love, but I haven’t picked up the books because they’re middle grade. Glad to hear you still really enjoyed it even though it’s middle grade.

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      1. It was a random decision because my school required that you take “free” elective course and I was sick of my business classes so I took this one on a whim. Best decision ever because it’s the one class I loved going to.

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