book review: will grayson will grayson

2 stars!

tw: use of word f*ggot, homophobic reactions, disparaging comments about fat people
This book. I am so irritated! I haven’t been this annoyed since I read The Last Star. This book was not good and I am so sorry for anybody that likes this book but I just can’t. The only reason I kept reading it was because I own it and wanted to finish it to make sure my one dollar did not go to waste. Spoiler alert: it did. There were just so many things that pissed me off so much, I could hardly stand it!

Alright. I will try and control my rage and discuss this like a calm individual. *breathes in* Kay, let’s talk about the first Will Grayson, the one who is friends with Tiny. His narrative was alright. He said some pretty cringey comments in regards to Tiny’s weight and size, Jane’s looks (he said his type wasn’t curly hair. Like okay bro. Insert eye roll emoji here) and he seemed to be borderline obsessed with Tiny being gay. I literally only gave an extra star because Will’s narrative was better to read than the other Will. I put in my notes that he was a bit of an ass but at least toward the end, he had some sort of character growth and realized he was kind of an ass. Doesn’t mean I liked him but I always appreciate a good character growth, especially since this book is pretty character centric.

Now onto the second Will Grayson and probably one of the most problematic characters I have ever read about. I am absolutely down right disgusted with this character. I could barely stomach his narrative. And I’m mad about it too because his narrative had a really cool stylistic approach, where everything was lower case and his conversations were in text style.

Okay. So Will Grayson has depression. It’s unclear how severe it is but he seems to be at a functioning level, which is good. But what isn’t good is his behavior. Depression is one of the worst mental illnesses. No question. But Will was a horrible person and blamed his behavior on his depression. He led a girl, Maura, on. He didn’t want to be friends with her and used her. When she tried to get him to open up because she generally thought they were friends, Will would call her selfish and all sorts of crap. He treated his mom like dirt. He belittled Tiny when he said he feels depressed some days because there is no way Tiny could ever understand what he is going through and that his depression is far worse than anything ever. Okay, fine, that could be true. But don’t EVER belittle someone’s mental state just because you think yours is worse. I could go on and on but I’m not because this is already going to be a monster of a review. But I want to end this section on this note: Having a mental illness doesn’t excuse how you treat people!

In all honesty, none of the characters were really that great. Everybody just treated each other horribly. Maybe I have gotten old and forgotten what high school is like but does everybody really treat each other like this in high school?

I can’t go on. Talking about this book is just making me angry and if I keep going, I might really upset someone. So I guess read this book if you want but honestly I wouldn’t recommend it.

Buddy read with one of favorite humans, Destiny!




9 thoughts on “book review: will grayson will grayson

  1. Oh no! I’ve had this book on my TBR list for forever and now I think I’m going to take it off. It sucks when the characters are all unlikeable and are just plain mean to each other. Great rant review! I hope you enjoy your next read a lot better than this! ❤

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