august wrap up// possible reading slump??

As I was writing out my list of books that I had read for the month of August, I was quite disappointed. I only read 6 (six) books this month! SIX! I honestly thought I had read more than that. But I guess I did not.

But I did spend the last part of August finally catching up on blog posts and comments. I still have to read a lot of my followers posts but I am still glad I was able to finally get caught up.

I think what happened is that I hit a mini reading slump. I enjoyed every book I read but I just wasn’t in the mood to read. I’m going to try and find a bunch of fall reads in the hopes that it will get me in the mood to read again.

Alright, enough of me blathering on about how sad I am at my reading, it’s time for a break down of every book I read. This will be relatively short but eh, what can you do?

the stats;

Δ books read: 6

Δ average star rating: 4 stars

Δ arcs read: 2

Δ owned books read: 4

Δ favorite: the book of awesome

the books;

Δ Proxy by Alex London

→4.5 stars, own

→ A super cool dystopian novel with a gay male lead and diversity.


Δ Sadie by Courtney Summers

→ 4 stars, eARC

→ A chilling tale with podcast chapters that were my favorite.


Δ The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha

→ 5 stars, own, favorite

→  A wonderful book that makes me happy and reminds me to enjoy the little things in life.


Δ The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordian

→ 3.5 stars, own

→ A continuation to a series I should have read when I was younger.


Δ Omega by Jus Accardo

→ 4 stars, eARC

→ An excellent book that did not suffer from second book syndrome.


Δ The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket

→ 3.5 stars, own

→ A good book but it had some flaws





16 thoughts on “august wrap up// possible reading slump??

  1. it sucks that you slumped but you still did awesome and found some pretty great books! sadie literally shook me to my core. i finished it a couple days back and im still thinking over it.

    good luck for next month ❤

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  2. omg i also read 6 books in august b/c of a slump…are we the same??? but at least you read a bunch of good books (and also a series of unfortunate events because hell yeah). i hope september gets you out of your slump!! ❤

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  3. I get what you mean. Sometimes, even if I’m able to hit the numbers, I just don’t feel like I’m enjoying the books I’m reading at all and it’s just a waste… Happened a lot on this readathon I was taking part in. I was a bit too focused on reading everything I could and not realising it could be affecting my desire (or lack thereof) to read. Thankfully the majority wasn’t like that but it was still disheartening.

    Anyway, great wrap up and I hope you have a wonderful October, with much better reads ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! I think during August, I was just so stressed and that affected my reading as well. This month (September) was hella better!
      Readathons can def be like that. It’s why I pick them very carefully so it doesn’t affect my reading.
      I hope your October is just as amazing as you! ❤

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