library haul 10/14

Remember how I said that I was thinking about doing a mini review of my books that I left on my tbr? Well….I went to the library, immediately forgot about that and picked up 7 books and cried because I ran out of room in my bag to put more in.

In all fairness, most of these books are on my tbr. They are just newer. And in my defense, I looked for one of the books on my tbr and couldn’t find it. Progress, mate.

Anyway. Here are the books I picked up from the library. Click on the picture to be linked to the Goodreads synopsis.

heir of firewonder womandangerous games   the duchessanne boleyncleopatra's daughterthe valiant






down the tbr hole #2

In light of not having a review because I have book hangover from The Wife Between Us, here is another down the tbr hole.

I’m having way too much fun doing this. So I’m going to keep the fun rolling and continue to do this until y’all get sick of this. #sorrynotsorry

I was also thinking of doing a tag that consists of those books I kept in my tbr and doing like a mini review post. Maybe featuring like three books that I read from my tbr. Would that be something you guys would like to see? I’ll plot it out further.

I also want to apologize right now. Most of these books are historical fiction, which is probably going to result with me keeping most of them because I’m like that.

how it works:

  • go to your goodreads to be read shelf.
  • put the order on ascending date added. (it’s at the bottom with a scroll bar)
  • take the first 5 or 10 books, depending on how much you want to do.
  • read the synopsis of the book. (obviously)
  • make the ultimate decision: does it stay or go?
  • keep track of where you left off so you can finish it next week or however many times you want to do this.

the next 5 books:

the kingmakers daughter

This book is part of the Tudor/Plantagenet series that I mentioned in my last post. This will most like be kept because for one, I need to finish that series. And two, that cover is absolutely stunning.

Decision: Keep

the children of king henry

At first, I was going to keep this no questions asked. But then I read the synopsis and saw what year it was published and I wavered. I really do want to read this but I think there is a newer book about King Henry’s children that I would like to read more.

Decision: Remove

the life of elizabeth

This is another older Alison Weir book. I added this one because I had just finished a book about Queen Elizabeth from Philippa Gregory and I was fascinated with her and wanted to learn more about her. However, this is another old one, like I mentioned and I have more current historical fiction that I would like to read.

Decision: Remove

midnight in the garden

I added this one for my mom. I only skimmed the synopsis when I had first added it and thought it was about the different haunted placed in Savannah. I have actually been to Savannah and did the haunted walk tour (hated it, but that’s because I’m terrified of ghosts). However, I don’t really have any intention of reading it and I think it’s time to let it go.

Decision: Remove

dream dark

This is a short story abou Link from the Beautiful Creatures series. I absolutely adored that series and Link was such a fun character. He was a great friend to Ethan and I enjoyed his banter with Ridley. This is a keeper, no question about it.

Decision: Keep

Well that is the next five books in my tbr pile. Don’t worry, friends. There is plenty more where that came from. And by plenty I mean about 455 more books. There might be a couple of times where I do 10 books instead of five so you are not completely overburdened with all these posts. I got to post reviews too!



down the tbr hole #1

I’ve been seeing this float around for awhile now and it has me intrigued. I would love to be able to sort out my TBR and get it down to a reasonable amount. Right now, it’s currently at 465, which I think is quite a bit. I always feel so overwhelmed looking at my TBR and trying to find something to read. I want to get things under control. And that’s exactly what this tag will do!

Props, as always, goes to the original creator. I’m not sure sure who it is but if someone would let me know so I can tag them and give them the credit they deserve.

how it works:

  • go to your goodreads to be read shelf.
  • put the order on ascending date added. (it’s at the bottom with a scroll bar)
  • take the first 5 or 10 books, depending on how much you want to do.
  • read the synopsis of the book. (obviously)
  • make the ultimate decision: does it stay or go?
  • keep track of where you left off so you can finish it next week or however many times you want to do this.

the first 5 books:

wwz This is the first book I ever added to my TBR. It was added January 11, 2016. It has survived several purges, surprisingly. But I think it might be time to let it go. I added it when I was in a zombie phase and I think, for now I have outgrown that phase. Perhaps it will be re added again.

Decision: Remove


So I actually think I own this. I might have bought it on my thrift store shopping sprees. I originally added it because my boyfriend loves Stephen King and I’ve seen all the Carrie movies with the Chloe Grace Moretz one being my favorite. I think I will keep it because this seems like a good segue into starting Stephen King.

Decision: Keep

the lost tudor princess

I went on a I’m going to add every since Alison Weir book to my TBR phase. I really did think I added every since book of hers (we’ll find out when I do more of these). Sad thing is, I don’t remember who Lady Margaret Douglas is. So I think for now, I will remove this book. There are other historical fiction books that I want to get to first.

Decision: Remove

the queens fool

This is a book I added after I found out that Philippa Gregory had a whole Tudor/Plantagenet series. I had been reading the series completely out of order and I wanted to make sure that I had every book of this series read. This is going to stay because it’s part of that series.

Decision: Keep

the lady of the rivers

This is the beginning of the series that I mentioned in the book above. There has been many mentions of this Lady of the Rivers in the books following this series but because I read it out of order, I really didn’t know what they were talking about. This definitely needs to be a keep because it’s one step closer to me finishing this series.

Decision: Keep

Well that concludes this first segment of Down the TBR hole. I removed two and kept three, which I think was a fair trade. This was a really good idea and I’m going to keep up with it for a while. At least until my TBR is down to a reasonable amount again. That means I won’t be adding anymore books on the shelf for a long time. Fingers crossed I can actually do it!



arc review: the wife between us

the wife between us

A special thank you goes out to St. Martin’s press and Goodreads for allowing me to read this book early! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

trigger warning: domestic abuse

expected publication: january 9

This book took me on a trip with my feelings and my heart. As a person that normally doesn’t read thriller, I wasn’t sure what I expected. The book itself told me not to make assumptions but of course, I did make assumptions. I assumed I knew what this book was about and I assumed I knew what was going to happen. But I was so wrong.

Just when you thought the twists would stop coming and I could breathe for longer than two seconds. bam! Another reveal. This book was like a puzzle, one of those giant 1,000 piece puzzles, where all the pieces looks the same and you’re trying to figure out to build the border (because that is what you do when you build a puzzle; you start with the border). I felt like I would never truly figure everything out and I wouldn’t find those corner pieces. But in the end, I was able to find the pieces and build that puzzle.

What contributed to making this such an intense thriller was an unreliable narrator. I haven’t had that much experience with an unreliable narrator so this was kind of a new thing for me. I never knew what to believe from Vanessa. She was constantly back and forth with her emotions. But I found that I didn’t mind it. It added to the suspense of what was going to happen to next. I never knew what to truly believe and that made this book all the more spooky and terrifying.

I don’t know what I can even talk about because everything seems like it would be a spoiler. But I will mention the trigger warning for a second. There is domestic abuse and it’s mentioned pretty frequently. It’s something to be careful for as I know that domestic abuse can be triggering.

Other than that, this book was incredible. I never knew what to expect and was constantly surprised by what happened. There were times where I thought I had figured everything out but nope. I was always proven wrong. I highly suggest that everyone pick this book up when it’s released. It is truly a work of art.



#ARCtober Week 2

Physical ARCs

girls made of snow and glass

Netgalley ARCs

the murders of molly s  house on foster hill   disturbed

The House on Foster Hill and Disturbed are both from Netgalley’s Read Now option. Both are thrillers, which is a genre I don’t normally dabble in. However, reading The Wife Between Us has given me the bug and I want to read more.

The Murders of Molly Southbourne is a book I got from Netgalley last week. I just didn’t have time to get to it. I want to read my physical books first, as my bag was getting heavy.

Girls Made of Snow and Glass is my last physical ARC, which I won in a Goodreads giveaway. It’s one that I am most excited to read as I have read a lot of positive reviews on it.



#ARCtober week 1 ending update

Well, today marks the ending of Week 1 for #ARCtober. How has everyone’s reading being going so far? I have read all ARCs with the exception of one and honestly, it was One Dark Throne so you know I was going to have to read that ASAP. Signed edition, maaaan!

Anyway, here is my update on what I read so far with links to the reviews. Next post, which I will post right after this one, will be Week 2 and what you can expect from me during that week.

Currently Reading

the wife between us

Week 1 Read Books

beautiful animals    approximately yours    just one of the boys

Well that is it! It doesn’t seem like much but I feel accomplished! Next week should be pretty productive for me as well! This has been a very fun event so far and it’s been awesome to see people participating!

If you would still like to join in on the #ARCtober fun, feel free too! I know schedules can get pretty busy. You are more than welcome to join whenever you want! Even on the last week. This is a laid back, stress free event.



arc review: beautiful animals

beautiful animals

Thank you to Hogarth Books and Goodreads for letting me read this early…even though I didn’t read it until October. It was very much appreciated! All thought and opinions are my own.

publication date: july 18

This was an…interesting book to say the least. It it will definitely be on the top 10 list of my most unusual books I’ve ever read. One of the weirdest aspects was that I didn’t bond with any of the characters but I was still pretty invested in their lives. I felt like I was an outsider looking in. I was just watching these people and waiting to see what they would do. It was certainly an odd sensation to say the least.

The writing was incredibly flowery and poetic with heavy metaphor and simile uses. It was very reminiscent of Roshani Chokshi’s The Star-Touched Queen with the way the writing was. Greece was defined in such a beautiful way, it made my heart hurt. One of the places I so desperately want to go to is Greece and this book made me crave it.

While the writing itself was poetic, it had a sinister undertone that stayed with me for most of the reading. There was a lot of religious intolerance mentioned. The whole Christian vs Muslims. Refugees vs everybody else. With the way the political climate is now, I certainly felt chilled. Even in Greece, where you don’t hear a lot of political turmoil like in the USA, there are issues of refugees and non Christians. It was certainly an eye opener.

However, I felt like this book wasn’t as creepy as the it could have been, even though the sinisterness stayed with me. I really was just creeped out by what happened in the beginning. Most of the disturbing incidents happened early on in the book. After that, it was the three people involved- Faoud, Naomi and Samantha– just living their lives with this terrible secret. Sure, Naomi was very creepy and something tells me she had a lot of things wrong with her but that was it. I felt underwhelmed for about half of the book.

Despite that criticism, this book was pretty good. It has piqued my interest enough that I will take a look at other works this author has done. I was pretty sold on the beautiful writing and the interesting title. Overall, I am impressed.