review policy

Every review that I do is based on my own opinion, whether it be positive or negative. If I receive an ARC or a book that is given to me in exchange for an honest review, I will be sure to mention that in my review but it will in no way affect how I feel about the book. I strive to make sure that my readers know that I will be honest and fair no matter what.

How I generally do my reviews is I start out with a link to Goodreads so one can read the blurb about the book. I then talk about the characters and I felt about them. I talk about the plot and how I felt about it as well. My emotions while reading are a big part of what makes a book good or bad for me. I try to not post any spoilers. If I have to post a spoiler for whatever reason, I will warn the reader before I post it.

As of now, I would accept ebooks. But if you are a publishing company and want to send me a physical ARC, send me an email.

Genres I accept:

  • biography– preferably from the 16th century and beyond of the UK and Russia. But I will accept other biographies as well, if they sound interesting to me.
  • nonfiction– preferences leaning towards mental health, World WarII, Russia and the UK (during the 16th century and beyond).
  • YA- preferably dsytopian, contemporary, historical and romance but I will accept just about any YA
  • historical fiction– see biography for what I accept in this category. I don’t care for US historical fiction books unless it is WWII related.
  • new adult– this is a genre I’m currently experimenting with and I’m enjoying it so far.

Genres I may/may not accept:

  • mysteries
  • science fiction
  • horror
  • fantasy
  • magical realism

Genres I will not accept:

  • manga– you can’t talk me into accepting this. I just don’t enjoy those type of books.
  • religion– the exception being if it is historical based. No religious contemporaries or self help religious books.


If you think I would enjoy a book under my may/may not and will not accept sections, feel free to send me a synopsis of it. I can be talked into books pretty easily if they are sold right. If you have any questions about my review policy, feel free to contact me using the links on my contact page.