arc review: infinity (the infinity division #1)

4 stars!

A special thank you goes out to Entangled Teen and Netgalley for allowing me to read this eARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I read this as part of the Goodreads Inspired Read-a-thon. The challenge was pick a book because the cover is totally a beauty or just your aesthetic. I adore simplicity covers with intricate symbols and this one fit the bill. 

tw: parent death, assault, swearing (I have no problem with swearing but Kori curses like a sailor and that might not be suitable for a younger audience)

It is apparent I am getting to science fiction. Who would have thought that would ever happen. Course, pair it with this absolutely breathtaking cover helps. I solely requested this book because of the cover. Once I read this book, I discovered my soul sister, Kori.

Kori Anderson. What an absolutely incredible MC. She reminded me a lot of Evie, from The Diviners series. Kori is not perfect. She is brash, wears her heart on her sleeve (but will never willingly admit it) and is just looking for someone to confined it after her mom died. She is a little lost and lonely, with her dad being in the military. She is an artist and is terrified of frogs. Yes, that is important. I am TERRIFIED of frogs and have never met an MC that was afraid of them until now. My heart sings with joy at this silly little detail. It literally is not mentioned after that one time but I can’t help but get super excited about it.

Moving on to the plot. For a time traveling/dimension book, I was not confused at all. Things were explained well considering Kori has no really experience with science. Her domain was art. With science fiction books that is one of the major things I look for, if the science makes sense. And it so did!

This honestly would have been the perfect book but there were a few things that really bothered me, hence why it got 4 (four) stars. One was Noah. He was so rude and so disrespectful to Kori for certain spoilery reasons at first. He was borderline abusive and I cringed whenever Kori talked to him or tried desperately to gain his approval. Granted he had a traumatic event happen but that is never a good reason to be abusive to someone. He turned out okay after a while and chilled out. But I still remember the cruelty and I wasn’t sold on him quite yet. The second book is about him so hopefully he’ll get some sort of redemption arc.

The other complain is Dylan. He was the “villain” of the story. I liked him at first because Jus Accardo made us feel sorry for him. What he was doing was born out of a need and that need drove him to do things that were unspeakable. But I could understand that and even very slightly empathize with him. But toward the end, he reminded me of one of those really over the top comedic villains. It was like he lost the reason why he was doing what he was doing. He was just doing things for sheer shock value. Look at me. I’m rooting for a villian. What is wrong with me??

Overall, this was great. The cover’s beauty definitely matches the story with in. I guarantee you guys will fall in love with Kori, like I did. She is in the top 10 best MCs ever. Don’t sleep on this book!




arc review: firebolt(#1)

2 stars!

A special thank you goes out to Netgalley and Fire and Quill Publishing for allowing me to read this eARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

tw: use of the word g*psy, parent death

Hold on to your seat, kids. You are in for a ride.

Oooooh boy, do I have a lot to say about this book. Like a lot. There were things that really rubbed me the wrong way but there were a lot of positive things too. But, I’m sad to say, this will be a bit of a negative review because this book really rubbed me the wrong way.

I think of the the biggest things that upset me about this book was it had sooooo much potential. I mean a ton of potential! I believe wholeheartedly that this could have been the next Harry Potter, with the bits of magic and the dragons. I don’t say things like that lightly. In fact, I hardly say that. So imagine my disappointment when it fell flat.

Let me break it down. Elena was the MC and alright, as far as MCs go. She’s 16 years old, hasn’t had an easy life and is dealing with trauma from witnessing her dad’s death. She is then thrown into the world of Paegia, where she thought it was just a story and discovers that dragons exist. Needless to say, Elena wasn’t coping well. But I don’t blame her. She drove me nuts sometimes but I remember her trauma and cut her some slack. Even though she was really boy crazy. Maybe I’m just old but that was kind of annoying.

Her roomates, Becky and Sammy (a dragon) were awful. I wanted to scream. They knew of Elena’s trauma (the headmaster didn’t exactly keep it a secret) and yet they laughed, yes laughed, at her fear of dragons. They called her weird for constantly searching the skies and cowering whenever she thought she saw one. After a while, they got better but I never forgot how they treated Elena in the beginning.

There was a lot of girl hate in this book and it often seemed to be for no reason or it was over Lucien, the love interest. Yes, I know they are teenagers so I know girl hate would happen. But I really thought at the last 20% or so, that the girl hate would have led to a huge character arc but nooooooope. I was rewarded with the same old from the first part of the beginning. Over it.

The way the world was built was confusing at times. It happened pretty fast, which was how Elena learned about the world. It was frustrating how we were almost expected to know everything (because Becky and Sammy were b words whenever Elena’s ignorance of the world showed) and it was especially frustrating how Elena was expected to know everything. The master of the school nearly let her fail and I wasn’t impressed with how they just threw her in and didn’t help her deal the trauma she was facing. I don’t like to diagnose people but I think Elena had PTSD and it was never talked about or dealt with. That could have been amazing rep for those that have PTSD. A real missed opportunity there.

There is more I could go on but I’m tired. The funny thing is, despite all my complaints, I want to read the next book. The plot and the dragons were just interesting enough that I want to keep going. Plus, there was an ARC so everything I complained about could have been changed when the book was published. So I’ll keep going.



arc review: paramnesia (#1)

3.5 stars!

A special thank you goes out to Netgalley and Blue Moon publishers for allowing me to read this eARC early. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

publication date: april 3

This was quite an interesting book and I really did enjoy it, despite the 3 (three) star rating. It had its negatives but honestly, this was pretty entertaining read. I can’t wait to read the next book! Hopefully the next book will have a beautiful cover to match this one. If I’m being honest, I requested this book purely for the cover.

One of the negatives about this book was the way it was written. It was written beautifully, almost poetic in a sense. But after a while, it got to be a bit much. It also affected the way the characters talked. The teenager conversations felt stilted and unrealistic at times. It took away from the plot and there were times where I wasn’t completely sure what was really going on because the writing made me a little confused.

I loved Nora. Despite the writing, I could tell she acted like a teenager and I loved that. She was sassy and quick as a whip. I would have loved to be her friend even though she fell in love with a guy a little too quickly for my taste (and this is coming from someone that adores instalove). And speaking of friends, her and Veronica were serious friendship goals. Vee was a constant support to Nora and I loved that this book showed imprect friendships. There were times Nora snapped at Vee and vice versa but they always talked it out and apologized to each other. Let’s get more of that, yeah?

The concept was very cool. I have never heard of a Revenant (or maybe I have. The episodes of Supernatural all start to run together after a while). This book wasn’t info dumpy at all. Information was given when relevant and needed to progress the plot.

Speaking of Supernatural, the amount of references sprinkled in this book was wild and my nerd heart soared! From Supernatural to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, it was a nerd’s paradise of fantastic references. If that kind of stuff bothers you,then this book might not be for you, because there is a lot references. They also contributed to the plot, they weren’t just there for the sake of being there.

Overall, this was a good start to what I’m sure will be a good series. I was sucked in purely by the cover and the title. Despite my average rating, I thought this book was pretty good. If the supernatural interests you, this book will be right up your alley.



arc review: what you want to see (#2)

4.5 stars!

A special thank you goes out to Netgalley and Minotaur books for allowing me to read this eARC early. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

tw: sexism, mentions of child abuse, slurs against those with mental illness, alcoholism, mentioned drug use 

publication date: may 1

I missed my favorite bisexual private investigator, Roxane, even though it’s only been a couple of weeks, if that. But how could I not miss Roxane with all her smarty assery and wisdom? Not to mention, it’s so amazing that a female MC is bisexual especially in crime thrillers. I mean, how often do you see that? Not very often, that’s how often!

I really am starting to love crime thriller books and it’s because of Roxane (and Tracy Crosswhite from the Tracy Crosswhite series). She is far from perfect, sure, but I don’t expect my heroines to be perfect. She has a bit of drinking problem, never listens when she should and can be angry and rude for no reason. But that is why I love her. She knows who she is and doesn’t change for anybody. She works on the changes for herself.

The plot was far more interesting then the first book. Although the synopsis gives away a huge amount so it’s just best to go in blind. Just don’t bother with it all because the book has so many twists and turns. My head was spinning and I loved every minute of it.

I also liked that this book had more of Roxane’s personal life but it, in no way, took away from the main story. Cat was a major figure in this book. If you recall, she was the ex in the first book. I didn’t like Cat in the first book. I thought she was horrible for Roxane and I thought she was selfish. However, she had a bit of a redemption arc and you all know I am here for character arcs. By the end, I found myself rooting for them. Something I definitely didn’t see coming.

I had to deduct half a star because Roxane can get a little wordy and repeat a lot of what she says while trying to figure out the mystery. It’s not super bothersome but my eyes did glaz over huge paragraphs once or twice. Her way of solving a mystery was going over every detail over and over to see if she missed something. That is fine, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a bit difficult to read and my eyes were begging for paragraph breaks.

Overall, this book was fantastic! I early await 2019 when I can get my hands on the third book. I think this is a series that everyone needs to stop sleeping on. It may be a thriller but it has a lot more to offer than just that. I really highly recommend this series.



arc review: unraveled

4 stars!

eARc provided by Netgalley and Entangled Teen in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

publication date: april 3

Another series down. I actually completed a goal I set for myself, completely forgetting I was going to be finishing this series. Oh well. Nothing wrong with that!

For a series ender, this was great. I got the closure I needed and even though I would love to continue reading about Ella and Penn, I am satisfied where the author left them. I have no further questions about anything that happened but at the same time, I can’t help feel like there was something missing from this book to give it that full 5 (five) stars. I’m not sure what but it’s bothering me slightly…

One of the major things I look for in a series in character growth. Anything bigger than a duology (not that I am saying that they can’t have character growth but with trilogies and series, you are with the character for a while), there should be some major growth and Ella had such growth. She went from a docile pet who was meek and scared to someone strong and not afraid to get hurt. I always adored Ella and in this book I felt no different. From the first few pages, I was blown away by everything she did. She recognized her faults and did her best to overcome them. She didn’t rely on her love interest to save her. She was all around a great heroine!

The plot was also well done. This was a clean up book, so to speak. Everything that happened in the first two books were wrapped up in this one in a big way. There was quite a bit of action, more so then the first two. But it was not overdone.

Overall, this was an excellent series. The concept of human girls kept as pets still bothered me at times but once I started to get over that (or at least look past it), the series actually turned out to be pretty good. I highly recommend this trilogy!



arc review: the raging ones

4 stars!

a special thank you goes out to Netgalley and Wednesday Books for allowing me to read an eARC of this book! All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

expected publication: august 14

tw: drug use, death of a parent

Science fiction is so great. And even though I have only read a little bit of it, I think it’s the bees knees because literally anything is possible because it’s science. (I now have that guy from that 80’s song screaming “SCIENCE!” stuck in my head) This concept-of knowing your death day- falls under that concept of cool science fiction even if it is a tiny bit morbid.

However, this book was not without its faults. While the concept of the death day was cool, I didn’t quite understand the ages. More specifically, how an 8 (eight) year old can learn to drive a car. Yes, you read that right. Franny learned to drive at 8 (eight) years old. It just makes me wonder if the developmental stages were different or maybe I read it wrong. There were some other spoilery things that happened that made me very confused on the aging processing. Once you read the book, you’ll understand what I mean.

Speaking of Franny, the cast of characters was pretty great. They all-Court, Mykal and Franny- were awesome and brought something new to the table. I adored the female/male friendships that didn’t lead to romances. We need more of that in YA literature. While I didn’t bond with any specifically, I adored Mykal the most. He was the most down to earth guy I’ve seen in YA literature. Plus him and Court?? Adorable!

But I must bring up another negative. I was confused by the bond the three shared. It is mentioned that they can’t read each other’s minds but only feel each other’s emotions. But yet, they seemed to know when one of them was reading a book or tying a shoe. It just confused me and seemed inconsistent. I hope it’s better explained in the next book as the ending kind of shed some light on a lot of different things.

Despite my complaints and confusion on certain aspects, I think this was a great start to what I’m sure will be a rocking series. I can’t even begin to imagine where this is going to lead, especially with that cliffhanger ending! Until then, I will eagerly be awaiting the return of what I’m sure will be one of my favorite trios.



arc review: perfected


3 stars!

A special thank you goes out to Entangled Teen and Netgalley for allowing me an eARC copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

published: july 1, 2014

tw: fat shaming, intones of pedophillia


Well. This book was interesting. I originally found it when I did a cover reveal for the last book, which you can find here. A week or so later, I was offered the whole series through Netgalley and Entangled Teen. I eagerly accepted, thinking this was right up my alley because it was a dystopian/utopian world. And it was. Kind of.

Ella is a pet. She was bred to be a companion for her master and the family. And yes, she’s an actual girl. A human. The United States allowed the breeding of girls with near perfect genetics so they look breathtakingly beautiful and are incredibly healthy. They are allowed to eat only certain foods in order to maintain the health and the one objective for a pet is to make their masters happy. A pet’s happiness in their masters happiness. They are treated slightly better than dogs. Most of them are anyway.

Using this concept in a book was certainly interesting and it’s something I haven’t really read about before. I understand why the author made this choice but it was just so unsettling to me. The congressman (Ella’s owner) was talking about spaying her and at one point, chained her up. Like wtf mate? The family would talk about her like she wasn’t there and take her for walks. Like the whole thing just got to be really unsettling. The fact that some people are completely okay with owning humans just floors me. Of course there were others who were not okay it and I think that gets explored more fully in the second book.

I think what my main problem with this book was I wanted to know more about the history of the breeding program. Ella didn’t know anything about the program, besides her training at the kennel (this is so unsettling), the real reason why she was bred or anything like that. I think if I knew the history, it would have been easier to read. Having first person POV may not have been the best choice.

I also must discuss my trigger warnings. Don’t worry. I will not go into detail so I don’t upset or trigger you guys. But I got to discuss it. In this book, the pets of Ella’s kennel are high end. They only go to those that pass rigorous background checks and have thousands to spend. But the congressman that buys Ella doesn’t seem to have the best of intentions. He’s very loving to Ella as a pet, at first, but he gets more and more creepy as the book progresses. One example of this is he always wants Ella to sit in his lap and he’s really touchy feely about it. Ella is 16, I believe, and the congressman is in 40’s at least. That is why I put the trigger warning of the intones of pedaphillia.

Overall, I’m intrigued enough to keep reading. The second book sounds promising and it sounds like I will be learning more about the breeding program and the seedy side of it. Which is always something I can be down for. As for the usual recommendation sentence at the end, I don’t know, friends. This is a different story and I don’t know how to sell this. I think I will read the next two books and give a better rec then.

ps: Isn’t the cover just gorgeous? The entire series is just top notch pretty!


“…Sometimes it’s nice to have a little bit of imperfection, isn’t it?”