2018 pop sugar reading challenge update

If you guys remember, sometime in January, I decided that I wanted to do the 2018 popsugar reading challenge. I spent forever making a list of books and composing three separate posts about them.


I decided to forgo most of my list and take a look at the prompts to see if I had read any books relating the prompts. Surprisingly I had. So I thought I would make a little update since it’s a little over half into the year. I’ll have the brief stats and then a list of the prompt with the book I’ve read with them.

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total prompts completed: 14

remaining prompts: 36

prompts completed;

Δa book with your favorite color in the title

Legendary by Stephanie Garber

Δa book about time travel

When It All Goes Still by Allison Mullinoux

Δa book with a weather element in the title

The Lightening Thief by Rick Riordian

Δa book with an animal in the title

Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

Δa book with song lyrics in the title

Infinity by Jus Accardo

Δa book with an LGBTQIA+ protagonist

The Raging Ones by Krista Ritchie

Δa book by an author of different ethnicity than you

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

Δa book you borrowed or that was given to you as a gift

Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult

Δa book by two authors

→Because You Love to Hate Me by Various Authors

Δa book made into a movie you’ve already seen

Carrie by Stephen King

Δa book about a villain or antihero

Vicious by V.E Schwab

Δa book about death or grief

My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

Δa book that’s published in 2018

Pretty Dead Girls by Monica Murphy

Δa book with an ugly cover

Firebolt by Adrienne Woods




arc review: vengeance is mine

3.5 stars!

A special thank you goes out to the author, Katherine Elizabeth Curtis, for allowing me to read this eARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This was a good start. It had some slight issues in terms of world building and pacing but I enjoyed the ride nonetheless.

I liked the dystopian feel for it, but I do have some questions pertaining to the history of the world. Like why is the world ruled by women? Why are just the boys being trained in a facility? Just things like that. World building is so crucial in dystopian and if it’s not there or partially done, it confuses the reader for the rest of the book. This book reminded me of The Gender Games, which was how it was pitched to me. So that was cool to see.

The pacing was kind of weird. It would switch to a different character mid page with no page break and I got slightly confused and thought I missed something. It wasn’t a huge deal but it did throw me off like when I was super invested in one characters POV.

I liked Nathan as an MC. His desire to do right was heart warming. He had a lot of conflicting feelings and inner turmoil which I also enjoyed because I apparently like my characters in pain. I liked the friendship between him and Hunter. It wasn’t toxic or dudebroish that I see a lot in YA. It was sweet and very brother like.

Overall, this was good! I enjoyed it a lot and would be interested in continuing with the rest of the series. I think it has a lot of potential and hopefully my questions will get answered in the next book.



#MomMondays: why good things happen to good people

3 stars!
tw: use of word n**ger

I wonder if Mom is trying to tell me something by giving me all these self help books to read?? LOL! Anyway, as far as self help books go, this was alright if a little dry. It has some very good ideas and things that we should all practice but there were a couple of things that really bothered me.

This book is all about giving and how it is good for the soul. Giving really is! I work with individuals with dementia and while it can be very stressful, it is also incredibly rewarding. I have done volunteer work in the past with Girl Scouts and I always felt better about doing it. Now you don’t have to do the things I do to give. Checking in on a neighbor or writing a thank you card are some small but excellent ways to give.

There were two ideas in this book that resonated with me deeply. One was the chapter of forgiveness. I am known to hold grudges and I can be very cold to those that hurt my loved ones regardless if they forgave that person or not. It’s a flaw I know I have and am trying to work on. This book talks a lot about forgiveness and how it can relieve the pressure you feel from hold the grudge.

The second theme that resonated with me was loyalty. I am know for being unfailing loyal. If you gain my loyalty, you essentially have it for life (until you do something to do lose it).

So there were two things I was not a fan of in this book. One was the negative connotations towards video games. I am an avid gamer so naturally I support games. I believe they are incredibly beneficial and connect people in fantastic ways. I met one of my dearest friends this way, through the power of video games. It’s the way we communicate and I love every minute of it. So to have a couple authors think upon gaming in a negative way didn’t sit right with me at all.

The other negative is the religious connotations. This book was centered somewhat heavily on God and having them help you in giving or being selfless, things like that. Now this maybe for some people but I didn’t much care of it.

Overall, this was good. I can definitely see where I can improve on my giving and I will certainly try to use some of what I read in this book in everyday life. However there were some negative that for me, didn’t sit well. But if you can look past them, this it the book for you!


arc review: keeping her secret

4 stars!

A special thank you goes to Entangled Teen for allowing me to read this eARC early. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

tw: racism, homophobic slurs, use of word d*ke, internalized homophobia

Wow did I love this! I originally requested it because it sounded similar to another book I read years ago (I can’t even remember what it is called now) plus that cover is so damn adorable. I knew instantly that I had to read this book and I’m so glad I did. My heart is still swooning from Courtney and Riya!

This book was so fun and summery. It took place at a summer camp and I love that. I went to summer camp (more of bible camp) years ago for quite a few years. I did enjoy it even though I have social anxiety. I wasn’t keen on being outside a lot but I made some friends and overall had a great time. This book took me back to that and I pictured my own camp while I read this book.

But at the same time it covered some pretty important issues like internalized homophobia and forgiveness. I could feel the struggle Courtney dealt with and her biggest fears. My heart broke for her and I wanted to just hug her and tell her everything was going to be okay. While this book does deal with those topics, it’s also awesome to have a proudly out MC, use of the word bisexual, diversity and so much more. Seeing all this made my heart so happy!

This book was so full of angst and the hate to love trope that I thought my heart was going to explode. I was just dying for them to do something, anything! Sarah Nicolas made me wait soooo daaaamn long for the payoff. I read this book in one day because I wanted to know what was going to happen and I couldn’t just leave the book. I had to know! Had to, I tell you!

Overall, I adored the heck out of this book. It has that light summery vibe but with important issues teens of the LGBTQIA+ community deal with. I know I am going to hunt down the rest of her books because I really liked this one and I need that feeling of going back to summer camp! I wish there was a summer camp for adults. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Anyway, I highly suggest you all pick this book up today.

PS. This looks like it’s part of a series but you don’t have to read it in order. They look to be stand alones in the same world of summer camp.



book review: the oracle queen

4 stars!

It absolutely pains me to say that I didn’t love this book. I should have. The Oracle Queen was constantly mentioned in Three Dark Crowns and One Dark Throne. I was so curious about the sight gift and why it’s so bad to have one. (there is that whole mention that they kill any child that has the sight gift so you know, that is kind of bad if I do say so myself) But something was just missing from this book and I can’t place why.

I liked Elsabet as a character but I didn’t feel that connection with her like I did with Katharine. Maybe, if this had been a full length novel and we got know Elsabet more, I would have liked this more. I didn’t get to really know what the sight gift was all about. It was so rarely used and just talked about more than anything.

I have a lot of unanswered questions. (click here to be taken to my goodreads review where you can read the spoiler tag I have covered) I also couldn’t get behind the reason that everything happened. I’m sorry but it just seemed so silly and ridiculous.

Overall, I’m not mad I read this. I’m just a little disappointing with how it turned out. I still, 100%, think if you love the world of Three Dark Crowns, that this would be a fantastic addition and it might answer your questions, even if they didn’t answer mine.


arc review: hades rising

5 stars!

tw: gruesome injury and death, corporal punishment

I was given this novella by the author, Aden Polydoros. This, in no way, affected my review of this book.

Where do I even begin? Should I talk about the pain I feel in my chest? Should I talk about the straight glee I felt while reading? Should I talk about how I want to rush home and get my copy of Project Pandora so I can re-read it? (Spoiler alert: I found my copy immediately and it’s currently sitting on my end table, waiting to be read) How can one small novella inflict so much emotion in me?

Seriously, friends, do not sleep on this novella and the series in general. It’s absolute perfection. Sleeper children trained to kick ass and take names? Why would you pass that up? Not to mention one of the best romances ever. Friends to lovers? I am so here for this!

I don’t want to say much about this particular novella because I want nothing to be spoiled. It is recommend that you start with this one but you will be fine if you Project Pandora first. It’s a backstory of Hades and Elizabeth, which I was always curious about when I read Project Pandora. Since I’m not going to say much about this, I do just want say you will experience a range of emotion of happiness to sadness to anger to grief. And I must note that I thought I couldn’t love Hades and Elizabeth more. Well this novella proved that wrong.

Overall, this was absolutely fantastic in every way. It’s a wonderful addition the Project Pandora world. I just couldn’t sing this book and Aden’s praises any higher! Now I need to get my butt started on Project Prometheus!




Hi guys!

This is just going to be a friendly little reminder that #MomMondays will be coming back starting July 9! I would like to thank you all for being patient with Mom and I as we had our family things to do. We have some fun ideas coming and we can’t wait to share them with you!

The next book that Mom has chosen for me is: Why Good Things Happen to Good People by Stephen Post and Jill Neimark. This book definitely sounds like something I need to read and others could benefit from reading this as well.

Reminder that you can do this fun thing with any member of your family and if you want me to see it, ping it back to me and also use the hashtag. I will periodically go through the hashtag and see what people are up too. It’s super easy to do. Just have a family member pick your book and a short reason why they chose it for you! It’s super fun, I promise!

Thanks again!