the girl with the dragon tattoo movie review

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TW: a pretty graphic rape scene. it is mentioned in the book but it’s quite vivid in the movie. not as bad as The Last House on the Left but pretty close. 

I finally watched this movie! I was feeling watching a movie the other night, which almost never happens, and I decided why not watch this one? I remembered my promise to watch and review the movies and I didn’t want to let any of my readers down so I did and I have no regrets because it was super amazing! It takes a lot for me to gush about movies so you can be assured that it’s a very good movie!

I watched the Swedish version because, well the book is Swedish (translated to English) and I felt that watching the American version just wouldn’t feel right. Also, I don’t think the American one was available on Netflix. Plus I’ve heard that it isn’t very good. Perhaps, if it comes on Netflix or Hulu, I’ll watch it and do a comparison post.

Anyway, on to the actually review because I’m getting side tracked.

I am seriously blown away as I mentioned repeatedly. This movie literally copied the book almost to a tee. There were a few inconsistencies but nothing super major and it certainly didn’t detract from the story in anyway. The inconsistencies weren’t important to the story. They were more of just side things that happen when Mikael and Lisbeth weren’t together.

The actors that were chosen for Mikael (Michael Nyquist) and Lisbeth (Noomi Rapace) were spot on. Nyquist has so many funny facial expressions when dealing with Rapace that it just brought the whole thing together. It’s not mentioned in the book, the facial expressions, but it really added to the movie. Lisbeth was played to a tee. I’ve been told that Rapace is actually a pretty famous Swedish actress, so that really helps. Rapace really captured the awkwardness and socially stunted Lisbeth so well, it was like the part was made for her. I am still thinking about this movie and I watched it a couple nights ago. That’s how good it is.

I will certainly be continuing with the rest of the trilogy, perhaps this weekend. I have a bunch of TV shows to catch up on so it might have to wait until next Tuesday. Regardless, I am anxious to see how well the portray the rest of the books and will be sure to watch them as soon as I can. If it’s anything like this anything like this movie, I’m going to be in for a treat. And I can’t wait!




shadow and bone

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Okay, let me get this out in the open right now: I want to hit myself in the head for not picking this up sooner! This was such a cool and fascinating book! I mean, I’m just stunned at how awesome this book was. It’s clearly obvious that I missed the Grisha world by the way I am gushing. I seriously should have read it before Six of Crows , though because it explains each of the Grisha and their powers a bit better than SoC did.

On to the characters. Believe or not, I actually kind of liked Alina. At first I wasn’t so sure about her because she was just so weak. She didn’t seem to want to grow or want to change. She was constantly whining about how she didn’t belong in the Grisha world despite showing immense power repeatedly. She did a lot of things to hinder herself and I wanted to smack the crap out of her on more than one occasion. But finally, there was a turning point and she grew and grew and grew. I want to put my Kindle down and scream “Hallelujah!” Because up until that point, it was a 4 star read for me.

The Darkling was something else. I really did enjoy learning about his power as well. It’s a sign of a good author when I am still unsure if he is good or bad. Yeah, I’m still debating on it. And I probably will for the rest of the series. No matter if he is good or bad, I can’t help but deny that he is an interesting character and I am curious to see more of him and maybe get some history on him as well.

As for the romance/love triangle, it was actually really nice and it didn’t overshadow the story as much as I feared it would. I liked that Alina and Mal grew up together. That is my favorite type of romance because of all the history they have together. It gives me tingles when two friends, who grew up together, find out they are each other’s soulmates. Personally, I believe that is the strongest kind of love but that is just me.

As for Alina and the Darkling, I felt it but not really. I don’t like anti heroes all that much so I don’t pair them with the MC (unless it’s Six of Crows). But, as much as I don’t like anti heroes, I cannot deny that Alina and the Darkling had chemistry. Personally, I am still rooting for Mal and Alina.

Overall, I’m very surprised by this book. I had read a lot of conflicting reviews. Some were saying that this book is one of Leigh Bardugo’s shining moments while others say to skip this book and the rest of the series entirely. You want my opinion? I would say that reading this book first wouldn’t hurt. It talks a lot of Grisha and explains the powers, how they are trained, how they are tested, all that stuff that wasn’t talked about in SoC. I would personally recommend reading this book before SoC but you will not miss a lot if you don’t.



mistborn: the final empire

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6/29/2017: On Twitter, there was a controversy surrounding Brandon Sanderson, the author of this book series. It was brought to people’s attention that Sanderson’s view on gay marriage was not good. Basically, from what I have gleaned from the tweets and some sources, he believes that gay marriage is wrong. That those in the LGBT+ community should resist the “homosexual urges” like he resists the urge to cheat on his wife. He is apparently a Mormon and this is where his beliefs stem from. 

When I started this series, I had no idea about any of this. I literally woke up, checked Twitter and saw this. I do not know where the one tweet that seemed to start this came from but a couple of people linked two different sources which I will also link so you all can see what is going on. 

I do not support what he has said about gay marriage. As I have mentioned, I am an avid supporter for the LGBT community and my blog is a safe spot. That being said, I will continue with this series because it was bought for me and I think it would be incredibly rude to not finish it.

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I have no idea why I put this book series off for so long. Maybe it was the fear of the genre because fantasy has always scared me. Maybe it was the fear of the hype because super hyped up books have a higher potential of being awful. cough cough Caraval cough cough. Brandon Sanderson is so hyped up as this god author, right up there with Stephen King and Jk Rowling, and I have been so disappointed lately in hyped up books and authors that I didn’t want it to happen again.

I was so wrong.

This book was so cool. That was the word I was thinking while reading this book. I know, as a professional review, you think I would have more words in my arsenal. distant sarcastic laughing The world was probably my favorite thing in the entire book. Everything about the world just so fantastic and I read at the speed of light to soak it up. And there wasn’t any info dumping. Everything was told in a correct time and place. It was mentioned and then I would get slightly confused and desperate to know more and then it would be explained in such a natural way, like I had always known what it meant.

What I think really drew me in was the concept of metal and how it could be used. I haven’t read a book where one uses metal like it was used in this book. The fact that Vin and Kelsier swallow metal and use it like a form of power. I mean, that is just really cool. I could easily see that being portrayed very well in a movie, should they ever decide to make these books into movies.

Whenever the story started to feel stagnant or I felt myself getting a little bored, like with the planning scenes or the training scenes, Sanderson made something happen and I was sucked right back in. That is the sign of a good writer. And everything happened organically . Nothing happened for shock value. All the plot twists contributed to the story and weren’t just thrown in there willy nilly. Every single detail had its reasoning for being in the story. No word or sentence was wasted. I hate filler and this book had no filler.

If I could give one teeny tiny complaint, it would be the amount of characters and what all the characters could do. I had a bit of a hard time keeping track of everybody and what they did. I eventually just went with it and hoped I would figure it out on the way or remember a detail. I like a healthy amount of characters, but it did just get to be much. But this is really such a minor complaint. Because overall, this was a fantastic book and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.



harry potter series review

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This series essentially defined my childhood and continues to define my adult life. I base every book I read on Harry Potter. I often wonder what House a main character would be. For example, I think Kaz from Six of Crows would totally be a Slytherin. I own so much Harry Potter stuff, it’s ridiculous. You can say that Harry Potter consumes my life on a daily basis. I often talk about Harry Potter so much, my family gets rather annoyed with me.

Everybody always tells me that Harry Potter is a kid’s book and that it isn’t even that good of a series. Those nay sayers can shove off. Harry Potter is so much more than a children’s book. It contains tons of adult themes such as war, distrust of the media, death, etc. You could pick any book and find at least five different adult themes. It teaches children, teenagers and young adults so much about the world and it’s nastier side.

Words fail me when it comes to expressing my love for this series. I know that this probably sounds incredibly silly but Harry Potter got me through some really rough times. I was picked on a lot as a kid. I was just extremely socially awkward. I have anxiety but it was undiagnosed for a very long time. I didn’t know what was wrong with me or why I couldn’t act normal. As a result, I got kind of lonely because nobody could deal with me and how clingy I would become. Thank god I found a few friends that understand me and understand why I am the way I am. Without them, I would be lost.

I don’t know how I acquired the series. All I know is that I somehow got them because I saw the Chamber of Secrets at a friend’s house. I asked her what the movie was and she told me. I was instantly intrigued, once I found out it was an entire book series, and that started my obsession. These books kept me company and soothed my mind when it was racing. I knew that if I had a rough day, Harry Potter would be there, waiting for me.

This series also taught me that my awkwardness was okay. Hermione and Luna were a big part of that. Hermione taught me that being smart and a girl was completely okay. You can love learning and still wear dresses. Being a nerd was okay and people will still love you. Luna taught me that weirdness is fine. There is someone out there that will think you are perfect, weirdness and all.

I truly think that everyone should give this series a try. The first couple of books are a bit middle grade so they may seem simplistic. But it’s just building up to something so much greater, darker and amazing. I mean, man, I’m struggling for words right now. This series just means so much to me. I want everybody to love it as much as I do.



After all this time? 





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Are you ready for my possible favorite book of 2017? I know that the year is young but I’m serious. This book has thrown me out of my reading slump and I am now excited to see what 2017 has to offer. I will definitely be considering picking up the author’s other books. And November seriously cannot come soon enough!

As the blurb kind of says, this is a word where there is no disease or death. People can live forever and can even reset their age to 21 years old if they so chose. There is no crime and no corrupt politicians or government. The world is run by a supercomputer called the Thunderhead. Everything is essentially equal.

But because people are living forever, the world can’t handle that. So the Scythedome is born. People are chosen to be Scythes. They adhere to their own rules and are above those that the Thunderhead sets for everybody. They are tasked to “glean” or kill a certain quota of people every year in order to keep the world population in check. Of course they can give out immunity if they chose, which they often do for the families of those that were gleaned.

Two teens, Citra and Rowan, are chosen by Scythe Faraday to apprentice with him. Both have strengths and weaknesses that would each make them a truly remarkable Scythe. But there are Scythes, from the old guard and the new wave, who were not happy with this and now it’s a fight to live…literally.

The world building was out of the world. I mean it was just incredible. I was not overwhelmed by all the information. It came in bits and pieces that were easy to digest and odd terms were explained naturally. They didn’t interrupt the story in anyway. As I mentioned before, I’m one of the weirdos that loves info dumping (to an extent) so I would have been happy if they piled it on for me. But I know that there are people who hate that, so this book would be perfect for them.

The concept of Scythes were my favorite part. I’m pretty sure it’s a play on the Grim Reaper and I loved it. It makes the Reaper seem like scary. The Scythes know that they are killing people but they know that they have to do it in order to keep the world the way that everybody likes. The rules that they have to follow are very interesting. Even if a government-less society, there are still government like groups in every dystopian.

I really could just gush and gush about this world but I think it’s better to go in blind. I think that this book could appeal to everybody. It’s YA but it’s not childish. There are parts where it is training and learning, that could be considered slow, but I think that it was important to have that in there because it comes up later in the story. There are hints of insta love but honestly, it takes a backseat and it’s more friendship and concern about another peer than anything. Overall, I will be thinking about this book for the weeks to come and wishing fervently for November.



her fearful symmetry

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I’m not quite sure where to start with this. Don’t read my Goodreads review for starters. That thing is giant ass mess. I’ll try and be more composed with this review although it’s not promising. This book is incredibly difficult to review because I liked it but I didn’t like it. Also, I’m writing this at work at 4:00am after working 10 hour days for a a few days. Be gentle.

Okay, I’ll start with the plot. Or if there even was one. As it says in the blurb, Julia and Valentina inherit a flat from their aunt Elspeth, whom they’ve never met. They have to live there for a year before they chose to sell it and cannot let their parents live with them. Like Elspeth and Edie (their mom), Valentina and Julie are twins. But they are twins in the weirdest way. They are mirror image twins (which I’m not sure is an actual thing). This means that one twin, Julia, has all her organs in the proper spot while the other twin, Valentina, has her organs in the opposite place of where they should be. That isn’t really the plot. I just thought it was a cool aspect.

For the first 70% of the book, it was dull. I was bored to tears and almost didn’t finish. We learn that Julia and Valentina have serious dependency issues. I thought they were 12 years old or something but they are actually 21. It was just mind blowing how childish they truly were. We met Robert, who is mourning the death of Elspeth and is working on a thesis about the cemetery he works at. We met Martin, who has a severe case of OCD and was probably my favorite character because of how well portrayed his OCD was, and his wife, Marijke, who left him. Lastly, we have Elspeth, who is a ghost.

As I mentioned, the book is completely dull until the last 30%. During the first 70%, we get an in depth and exclusive look to what the twins do all day, which is basically Julia telling Valentina what she can and cannot do and how they must be together forever. That was extremely disturbing to me but after what is revealed in the end, I get it. We also get to witness Elspeth doing ghosty things.  We get a little sub plot of Martin dealing with his OCD and Robert dealing with his grief. Then literally all hell breaks loose in a matter of pages and things just go downhill.

I think I was underwhelmed. I waited and waited for something to happen and when it finally did, I was like cool but I waited that long for that? Don’t get me wrong, the ending had me gasping but I couldn’t help but feel that had this come sooner, I would have liked the book better. I think at least 100 pages could have been cut out and it would have made the book a lot better. As much as I liked Martin, his story could have been cut out and he didn’t even have to be a character.

I got the creepy vibe, which I know was the point. But I felt the author was just throwing in creepy things for the sake of being creepy. I might still give this author another shot. I liked The Time Traveller’s Wife a lot. I’m hoping that maybe her other books will be a bit better than this.