arc review: the uncrossing

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A special thank you goes out to Entangled Teen for allowing me to read this book early. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by being given this book!

expected publication: october 2

I got this dumb little smile on face and it’s because of this book. This book was just so damn adorable. Luke and Jeremy just made my heart all sorts of happy. Of course, it had its serious moments and there were moments where I wanted to smack Luke and Jeremy but overall, I couldn’t be happier with this book.

Luke has the gift of being able to uncross someone. I’m sure most of you have seen a Supernatural, where Sam and Dean are hunting witches and they have to find hex bags. Well the concept is similar. Luke can find those hex bags and cleanse the person or building of the hex. Cool right? Because I thought this was very cool. As for Luke as a character, I liked him. He was stuck up but I personally didn’t mind it. It fit him and his friends and family certainly weren’t afraid to knock him down a peg or two. And I think he did a lot of good for Jeremy, even if they fought a lot.

Jeremy is a precious cinnamon roll and must be protected at all costs. I never call anyone a cinnamon roll so that goes to show how much I adored this character. My heart hurt for this poor guy because of his secret, he couldn’t really live a normal life. He has family that kind of accepts him/kind of doesn’t in terms of him being gay. He basically has lived his life thinking that being gay and feminine is bad. I just wanted to reach into the book and tell him that he is perfect the way he is. Why can’t people just accept others the way they are.

The world building was very cool. It combined the real world, with mentions of Instagram, Snapchat and saying “drag me” (which I have no idea what that means at all) and combining it with old world magic and old families. The side characters were well done. They weren’t just placed there for the sake of being. Overall, I’m really impressed with this book and I’m anxious to see what else this author does.




arc review: 27 hours

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I received this copy in exchange for an honest review from Entangled Teen publishing. A special thank you goes out to them! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

expected publication: october 3

Where do I even begin with this book? There were so many positives, I don’t think I could even begin to mention them all. First off, I have to shout out for all the representation in this book. I’ll discuss more what each character is but it’s so incredibly awesome that an author would find a way to organically fit in all this representation. It wasn’t forced. The characters’ sexuality wasn’t a plot twist. It felt legit and I can accept that.

This book takes place over the course of 27 hours, which is how long the night last on this planet. I don’t think I could even sleep for 27 hours no matter how tired I was. I thought this was a cool aspect though. I also really liked the reimagination of gargoyles, dragons and chimeras.

The POVs are from Rumor, who is a gay teen and is very angry. Jude, a gay teen that can see colors (almost like auras) surrounding people. Nyx, a Deaf pansexual lesbian. Braeden, an asexual teen boy. Each brought something to the table and not just their sexuality. Each character had distinct personalities and they were all incredibly likeable.

Nyx was my favorite. I simply loved this little human. She is Deaf and is not afraid to let people know that they shouldn’t be taking around her. She appreciated any and all attempts of communication, even if they didn’t know how. She didn’t freak out if they did something wrong. She loved the fact that they were trying. I think I loved that most about her. She didn’t let her Deafness hinder her. You will be seeing her on my top 10 favorite females after Hermione.

I really appreciated all the work Tristiana Wright went into helping the reader understand pansexuiality and asexuality. I’m going to be honest and say that the terms did confuse me even though I tried my hardest to understand. I now understand a little bit better. If I could have one teeny tiny complaint, it’s that I would have loved a Dahlia POV. She would have brought a little extra to the table and plus I just love her and Nyx. Overall, you really can’t go wrong by reading this book!



arc review: boomerang boyfriend

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I received this copy in exchange for an honest review from Entangled Teen publishing. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you Entangled Teen! 

I really wanted to love this book. It sounded very cute and adorable. And honestly, who doesn’t love a fluffy little contemporary? Plus, that cover just makes my heart all fuzzy. But there was just some things I couldn’t look past and it kind of hindered my enjoyment of this book.

I think for starters, my version of this book was formatted very poorly. I had a lot of column like pages and it made the book a little hard to read. This could be my Kindle as well. I have an older version of the Fire Kindle by Amazon. I also think that mine was uncorrected proof, which would make sense as there was a lot of little errors and sentence structure issues. This just needed a once over by an editor and I think it would be good to go.

I liked the characters for the most part. There was a lot but I was able to keep track of them all due to their personalities. They were fleshed out pretty well, which sometimes doesn’t happen with contemporaries. Delia was a good and solid character. I liked that she was confident about herself but she still had insecurities. Jack was alright. He was a little over the top with his issues about Delia keeping Aiden’s secret. Aidan and Zoe were fleshed out pretty well. I wouldn’t mind reading a book on Zoe. She was the most fun.

Overall, I liked this book but I think the formatting issues and editing issues really hindered me from loving this book. I think it was also a bit too simplistic. But that might be a me not you type of situation. I am 24 years old and my reading tastes have changed as I have gotten older. However, despite the less than stellar review, I think this book would be good for younger teens that are interested in starting romance and contemporary novels.


far from you

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If I could give this book all the stars, I so would. Because this book deserves it! It deserves so much more recognition then it gets. I didn’t even know this book existed until I got the Overdrive app. But in a way, I’m glad I didn’t read it until now. I wouldn’t have appreciated everything this book offered. Young Lacy wasn’t into character driven stories like the current Lacy is.

I’m going to be honest. I didn’t expect much out of this book. I didn’t expect this book to rip up my heart, stomp on it and throw it back at me. I was intrigued by the pretty cover and the synopsis seemed okay. I figured I would end up dealing with a whiny woe is me MC who refuses to accept her mistakes. I have read enough drug related YA books to know what I was getting into it.

I was wrong. 

This book wasn’t just about Sophie, the MC, getting and staying clean. It was about her understanding her past and coming to terms with herself and finally maybeunderstanding the person she loved. It was about getting answers and clearing the guilt and blame from herself. It was about mending old wounds and beginning the process of healing the new ones.

I was a mess of emotions during this book. There was heartbreak and that was a major theme during the course of this book. Nothing but pure heartbreak. It radiated off the book in spades. I almost couldn’t go through with reading it because the heartbreak was almost too much. Sophie is completely lost without her other half. It’s a pain that nobody ever wants to experience. Hell, I wouldn’t wish it upon my most terrible enemy.

I mean, I was crying reading the last few chapters. Tears were streaming down my face and I didn’t know until one of them hit my Kindle. No book has made do that since I read My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. I usually cry in bursts during books. A tear there, a tear here. Not this full on, almost sobbing because this book was just so damn sad.

Seriously, you all need to read this book. But be warned. It’s not an easy book to get through. It’s very character driven and the chapters bounce back and forth from the past to the present. But it works. All of it works and it creates such a beautiful story that will make your heart heart so much. But it will be all worth it you learn a valuable lesson. That lesson is that you find all your friends and family, you tell them that you love them and you hug them until they can’t breathe. Because none of us really truly know when it’s going to be our last day.


I’m going to go find the happiest book I can and read that because my heart hurts. Or maybe some Tumblr posts. Anything. 



boy meets boy

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For such a short novel, this was incredibly impactful and made my heart happy. I had no idea what I was going to be getting into it. I had only seen a few reviews and they were meh at best. Normally, I shy away from 200 page novels. I find that they just don’t have enough meat. By the time I get into the story, it’s over. There isn’t enough time for character development or anything like that. I usually just ended up disappointed.

I experienced none of that with this book. Within its short 200+ pages, I got a sense of who everyone was and how the played a part in Paul’s life. No character was just there for the sake of being there. There was no filler, which is good. Because with a 200 page novel, filler would have destroyed it. Everything that was done, was done with reason. I loved that. I hate it when things happen for no reason.

What I loved so much about this book was how accepting everybody was. Paul was accepted for who he was right away. The high school Paul attended was just so chill. The town he lived in was open and accepting. I mean, it was so incredibly. If only we could live in such a wonderful place. What this book offered for a setting is seriously a dream that I wish we could make happen.

Paul, as a character, was good and I connected with him well. I do find it hard to connect to teenage boys because well…I’m not a teenage boy. I liked how he knew himself and made no apologies for it. He is simply just a normal teenage boy trying to make it through high school and the changes it brings, like losing friends and finding new loves. I thought he handled everything that was thrown his way remarkably well. He truly just wanted to do the right thing for everybody and I can’t find fault in that.

I hope that everybody takes a couple hours (because that’s how long it took me. Your results may vary) and read this book. Sure, it takes place in a pretty unrealistic setting but who doesn’t love a feel good coming of age story? I know I sure do!



pride month

I have decided to write a blog post that doesn’t really have anything to do with books because this is a month close to my heart. This month is pride month for the LGBTQIA+ community. I am so proud to say that my hometown had their first ever pride celebration this weekend. I was unable to go due to work but I am so incredibly proud of my community. I think it was pretty successful. I am awaiting the results of how many showed up.

As you may or may not know, I live in Iowa. Iowa was one of the first states to legalize gay marriage but for the most part, we are an incredibly conservative state. So sometimes, I come across a lot of hate and discrimination towards the LGBTQIA+ community. My high school was not very accepting of those in that community and it was really quite sad. I tried my best to stand up for those and I was oftentimes accused of being a lesbian.

I am straight but I am proud supporter the LGBTQIA+ community. My very best friend in the entire world is trans. He is female to male. I’m not going to lie, it did throw me into left field. I had no idea that he felt the way he did but you know what, I’m still going to love him and he is still my best friend. I just wanted you guys to know that and know that is one of the reasons this is an important month to me.

I just think it’s incredibly important to support those in the LGBTQIA+ community. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay, trans, asexual, bisexual, whatever. It just breaks my heart to see so much discrimination and hate. It bothers me even more that religion seems to be one of the massive reasons to hate. I’m not Christian but if I remember correctly, Jesus taught everyone to love everyone. So I get so mad when I see people use religion as an excuse to be nasty. Don’t do that. Just be a damn human being and be nice.

Words can’t express how I felt with gay marriage was finally legalized. But now with the current President, I don’t know what is going to happen. I hope that we can continue to move forward. But no matter what happens, please note that my blog is a safe space. I do not discriminate and I will not tolerate those that discriminate. You are free to be whoever you want on my blog.

I’m sorry that this sounds incredibly disjointed. I have a hard time putting my passions into words. And supporting this community is one of my passions. I was hope I was able to get my feelings across about how important this month is.

Happy pride month!