september wrap up


all the ugly and wonderful thingsthe wishing hearthaveni was anastasiathe hero of agesthe uncrossinga messy beautiful lifenever apartjoan of arc27 hoursseize today


Total books read: 11

Favorite books: Never Apart & The Wishing Heart

ARCs read: 8 ( Seize Today, 27 Hours, Never Apart, A Messy Beautiful Life, The Uncrossing, I Was Anastasia, Haven, The Wishing Heart)

Average Rating: 4.18 stars

Physical owned books read: 1 (Joan of Arc: Her Story)




august monthly wrap up

Finally August is ending! Good lord, I thought it would never end. Show of hands, who here thought August was never going to end? Just me? Oh. Well okay then.

This was the month of ARCs for me and I’m happy about it. I have discovered a new genre that I am into: YA paranormal. I know, it’s something I usually never read about it considering that I watch basically nothing but paranormal shows. I actually started a really good show that I might do a post about.

Enough about me. Allow me to present the 16 books (I’m totally slacking) I read this month. As usual, the bolded books are my favorite. I have found one that is number 2 on top 10 greatest books of this month and it’s far from you. Number three is black bird of the gallows.

I hope you all enjoyed that. Or at the very least found some books that you want to check out. Let me know how your month went. Did you find any good books? Or have a lousy month? I’m all ears!



july wrap up

Oh look. It’s July. Half of the year has come and gone. I know I say this just about every month but seriously where did the time go? Seems like just yesterday I was celebrating my birthday (it’s in January).

I read a whopping 17 books. I feel like that isn’t a lot but my mom keeps telling me that it is. I feel like I’m slacking. A slump threatened but I was able to hold it back by reading some incredible books. Hopefully, it stays far away. Because nobody has time for reading slumps.

As always, I’ll link either my Goodreads review or blog post. Bolded titles will equal to my favorite ones. This month nothing topped Scythe but Project Pandora was up there as a contender.

*Note: Read the Ruin and Rising review at your own risk. It’s one giant spoiler because I talked about the series as a whole.

Do you guys see any of your favorites on there? Any books you hated? Any books that I should have read? Let me know! I love hearing (reading) your guy’s opinions.



may wrap up

Another month has come and gone. It’s almost June. Where did the time go? Half the year is already over. So crazy how time flies.

Anyway, it’s time for another wrap up. In some very sad news, I had to lower my Goodreads challenge goal from 200 to 150. I think 150 is a lot more manageable. With the attempts to study for my GRE not going well, I think having my goal at 150 will be easier on me. I also did the math and I now only need to read 12.5 books instead of 17.

So I only read 11 books, which I guess is still a lot but for me it is not a lot at all. However, in my own defense, I read three adult books that were between 500 to 700 pages.

Without further ado here are the books I read. The ones that are bolded are my favorites of the month. So far, nothing has topped Scythe, although The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo came close.




april wrap up/life update

April was another slow month for me. I tried to catch up from my March book slump but I think I was still in the effects of the slump. I only read 12 books and as you may or may not remember, I need to read at least 17 every month to keep up with my Goodreads challenge. I’m now 7 books behind schedule. I’m just going to have to come to terms with the fact that I will be behind for a while.

In other somewhat non book related news, from the months of May to September (if everything works out), I will be…how do I put this…on a hiatus but not? That makes no sense. Basically what I am trying to say is that I will be reading but not as much.

Let me explain.

I work with adults with varying degrees of physical and intellectual disabilities. I work the overnight shift, which means I get to a lot of free time. I have been using that free time to read and binge watch YouTube videos. However, it’s time for me to get my life back on track. I’ve been “stuck” for a year and a half. What started as a simple half year break from school turned into me not being able to get myself going to due to anxiety and possible depression issues.

I’ve decided to take my life back and study for a test that will help get going. It’s called the GRE. Basically it’s an adult ACT/SAT. I want to get my doctorate in Psychology. To do this, I need to go to a big school and get my Masters. Most schools require this test for anything over a Bachelors. I think it’s just a test to make sure you have enough aptitude or something like that.


I need to study for this test. It’s $200USD and I don’t want to do bad. So I’m going to be using my time to study for this test. This means that my reading time will be cut back. I’ll only be able to read for about 3 hours every night. I am an incredibly fast reader but not fast enough to finish a book in 3 hours.

In order to make up for the potential lack of book reviews, I will find book related topics to discuss on here. If any of you have any fun ideas or websites to give me fun ideas, please let me know! I am up to doing a lot of different things.

Moving on.

Here are the 12 books that I have read this month. Some will be linked to posts on this site while others will be on Goodreads. I don’t put all my books that I have read on here, just the ones that have brought out a lot of emotion or lack of emotion in me. As always, my favorites will be bolded. Scythe is in red because it is currently my favorite book of the year until something else (if something else does) takes it’s place.


Thank you for reading this. I know that it is a bit longer then what I normally write. I also want to thank you for your patience. I know that it is kind of odd for a brand new blog to do a semi hiatus but hell, that’s life. It knocks at really inopportune moments. I’m really awkward so I’ll just end this post here and go back to finishing Inferno. 



march wrap up

Hello there!

It’s time for my first ever monthly wrap up. I hope to have these up around the end of every month or in the first few days of the new month.

As you are probably aware, I didn’t start this blog until the middle of the month or so. Because of this, I will attach my Goodreads reviews in the places of where a normal blog post would be. The titles that are bolded were some of my favorites. I don’t use the star system on this blog but if you are curious to know exactly what I rated a title, feel free to check out my Goodreads for that information.

My year goal is to read 200 books. I did some math and came to the conclusion that I need to read at least 17 books a month to stay on track. I, unfortunately, only read 15 this month. I hit a reading slump and had to power through some books just to finish them. Here to hoping April is a lot better month for me!


Do you see any of your favorites on there? Any ones that you didn’t like? Let me know in the comments below!