wonder woman book tag

So I love Wonder Woman, not as much as Batman but still. I don’t know that much about her but I love her. I love how strong she is and how she doesn’t take crap from anyone. Like, I wish I could be her. She is an excellent role model for young girls everywhere.

I have yet to see the movie and I want to get my hands on the book but I got to wait. So I’ll do this tag instead while I wait for forever. Miss May tagged me in this. Go check her blog out. She recently redesigned it and it looks really good!

wonder woman: your favorite badass female book character

I got to go with my girl, Hermione. Surprise surprise. But honestly she is like the ultimate badass. She keeps Ron and Harry in line while managing to save the Wizarding world. I really could just go on and on about how amazing she is but there are other questions that I should really get too.


fantasy island: a book setting you want to escape to

I’m going to say the Kingfountain setting from the Kingfountain series. I have always wanted to live in a medieval world and what better place then one that offers powers. Granted the king is pretty awful but hey, can’t have everything right?

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london: a hyped book that let you down

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye. Okay, so I did rate this three stars and it really wasn’t that bad. But I expected badass dueling and more of Russia. Instead I got a weird love triangle and a couple of teenagers who didn’t even try. I’m hoping the second book is better but I’m not holding my breath.


steve trevor: a book that has a beautiful cover and a great story (ex- great personality)

Project Pandora by Aden Polydoros. The cover is just gorgeous in real life. I mean just stunning. And the story itself was incredible. Sleeper children agents with wicked code names based on Greek mythology. Count me in. Plus Hades, my poor misunderstood child. Ugh. I need to re-read this book again.

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lasso of truth: a book you hated

The Last Star by Rick Yancey. The first two of this series was incredible. I mean just out of this world. It was my first real taste of science fiction and I was hooked. And then this book came along. I was 90% confused and 10% pissed. I really didn’t think I had forgotten that much from the Infinite Sea and this one. The ending is what really pissed me off. I still don’t know what actually happened. I might have to do an entire re-read of the series in one sitting to see if it makes more sense.


wonder woman’s shield: a book so sad you need a shield

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. This book isn’t exactly sad, per se but goddamn, it ripped my soul apart. All I wanted to do was protect Charlie. He is such a good and gentle human and he needed all the love. So the book made me sad in that sense.


ares: a villain that is scary, but you can’t seem to hate

The Darkling from the Grisha trilogy. I have a bit of a confusing relationship when it comes to this character. He seems so dark and evil. But then you learn about his past and you realize is that you can’t hate him as much as you want too. But boy, how I wanted to hate him.


the amazons: a book that you wish had more/better LGBT+ representation

Captive Prince by C.S Pacat. I was recommended this book and overall I really did like it. It reminded me a lot of Beauty by Anne Rice. But really I was just annoyed by the back and forth that Damen and Laurent had. Did they like each other or did they hate each other? It didn’t seem like a M/M romance to me. But I haven’t finished the series yet so maybe it gets better.



Well, I’m one of those people that cops out and don’t tag anybody. Because honestly, I don’t know who’s been tagged in it and who hasn’t. So I’m going to say, go ahead and do this. Just ping me back so I can see your answers!



arc review: the third kiss

to read a blurb about this book on Goodreads, click here

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Expected publication: August 7

You would think that a love curse and the friends to lovers trope would be over played in the YA world, right? Well you are wrong when it comes to this book. And for the record, the friends to lovers trope is my favorite. Because the two characters obviously have something that made them friends in the first place. Being lovers is an added bonus and eliminates that awkward getting to know you stage. You all know what I’m talking about. It’s just soooo awkward. 

Moving on. I really liked this book. For a while there it was touch and go for me. I generally liked Jonas and Cora as MCs but I wanted to smack their heads together for pretty obvious reasons (once you read the book). Both were solid in their own way and I’ll talk about that later in the review. By the way they bickered and snapped at each other, you would think that they didn’t really like each other. But then again, I can be a nasty woman to my friends sometimes.

Jonas was a solid MC. I really like the word solid today, don’t I? I liked his point of view a lot. He was very smart and willing to admit when he messed up. He let us into his true feelings and you really felt the brokenness he hid so well. He was clearly affected by things in his past and my heart went out to him. But sometimes, he was a bit pig headed and really wanted to smack the crap out of him a few times.

Cora was the same way for me at times. It was awesome to see a girl interested in science and fighting but she was still girly. Yay for fellow nerd girl recognition! But she was also very stubborn to the point where I wanted to hit her as well. It was her personality, though. That was just how she was. She, too, was affected by her past, not as drastically as Jonas, but still. Trauma is trauma.

The concept of the love curse was very well done. I’ve never heard of the one that was used in this book but I’m sure there is some basis of truth. I might do some more research about it, just to satisfy my curiosity. To add more props to this book and author, the secondary characters were well done. They weren’t there for the sake of being there. They were a part of Jonas and Cora’s life in a very important way. I mean, overall, I couldn’t ask for a better start to what I’m sure will be an awesome series!



weekly wrap up: 7/31/17

What a week! I had a bunch of books come in for me all at once and I got a bit overwhelmed, to say the least. However, I persevered and read some pretty great books. Here is how my week went:

blog posts

the almost moon: a book about matricide and where I decide that Alice Sebold isn’t the author for me.

august 2017 releases: where I gush about all the newest books that I probably won’t read until next August.

monthly wrap up: I feel like this one is slightly self explanatory. Regardless, I shall explain anyway. This is where I wrap up for the month….I feel silly now.

arc review: project pandora: where I read about brainwashed children and find another anti hero to love.


Overdrive once again decided I needed three books at the exact same time. Which is fine with me. I got to get the TBR pile down somehow.

Golden Son4 stars

Far From You– I wasn’t able to get to this book this week, unfortunately.

Prisoner B-3087– I wasn’t able to get to this book this week either.

getting through the massive amount of books I own

I only finished one book, which was The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold. Be sure to read my blog post about it. I was not impressed with it. It was confusing and I didn’t like a lot of the characters.

ARC approvals

Now I know I didn’t have this section last time but that was because I didn’t have any ARCs. Well, lucky me I got two of them! I got one ebook and one physical book. I am awaiting to hear back from the other ARCs that I had requested from Entangled Teen publishing.

Project Pandora by Aden Polydoros- I was given a copy of this book from Entangled Teen Publishing. It’s about brainwashing of children for a sinister plot. A very wild ride and man, it was just incredible! 4.5 stars. 

The Third Kiss by – This is an ebook and I will be starting this one by the time I post this post. So look forward to the review of this and I’ll talk more about this book in next week’s wrap up.

next week’s outlook

I am hoping that next week will settle down for me. I still plan on reading the two physical books I mentioned in last weeks post. I have a couple books that will most likely be coming in on Overdrive. I still have the hope to finish Mistborn next week as well but only time will tell. I would also like to post a bit more blog posts. I slacked a bit. I will try do some different variety type posts.

My best friend will be starting a short story series on his blog and he wants me to proofread for him. So I will be a bit busy with that. But have no fear, I will still have plenty of time to read and get reviews up.

How did your guy’s week go? Get any ARCs you’ve been dying to read? Did you have a good blog week? Let me know! I love to see everybody have a great week. Or if you didn’t that’s fine too! I’ll commiserate with you.



arc review: project pandora

to read a blurb about this book from Goodreads, click here

I received this book out of the kindness from those at Entangled Publishing. Be assured that this review is based purely on my own thoughts and opinions. And that receiving this book didn’t affect my opinion in any way. 

This book has me sold on anything related to mind control/behavior conditioning. Even though I am an avid supporter of behavior modification, I would never push it to the extreme that was done in this book. But now I am fascinated and want to read more books about it! Normally, I try and steer clear of topics like that because I found that I couldn’t stand the unreliability of the narrator. But this…Aden Polydoros is onto something. There was that unreliability but it was done in such a way that I didn’t mind it at all.

I found that I really liked the four different POVs. Four is a good number. Not too much, not too little. I can remember who everyone is and their stories. There was more variety, which is always a good thing. In between the POVs were interviews or status reports, things of that nature. It added a mystery…more like a need for me to know more. The whole book was like this. It gave just enough information for you to be satisfied but forced you to read on if you truly wanted to know what was going on. When you continued to read, you were rewarded with more information that made everything just click. I wasn’t forced to continue reading, I wanted to read more becuase I needed to know what was going on.

I really liked Hades and Elizabeth’s story more than Tyler and Shannon’s. Hades was the definition of an anti hero. I couldn’t help but like him. I felt so bad for him because of how he was conditioned. I just wanted him to be happy. I love how devoted he was to Elizabeth. Their story just made me smile and my heart all gooey. I would love to get a book about just those two because they were just my favorite.

Shannon and Tyler’s story was good but I didn’t care for it as much. But there’s was different than Hades and Elizabeth’s. It was more slow burn and it was about a different part of Project Pandora. I appreciated their story nonetheless. They reminded me of Russian sleeper cells. Only with children…unless the Russians used children. I have no idea.

Overall, I am pleased with this book. This is a great start to what I’m sure will be an awesome series. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series, which I hope we will get soon. Because after that ending, I have to know more.



weekly wrap up: 07/24/17

Time for my first ever weekly wrap up! I am so excited! All this weekend, I have been thinking about this and hoping that it will be successful. I’m weird like that I know.

This weekend, I spent time playing video games and with my mom then I did reading. I watched some hot air balloons and got some wicked awesome shots. Maybe I’ll post them if you guys want to see them. I also got a new headset. They are Turtle Beaches, which if you don’t know much about headsets these are one of the better ones to get. The boyfriend got a pair of Tridents, which are top of the line. We also got him a Corsair mouse, which is supported by one of his favorite YouTubers. All in all, it was a good weekend.

blog posts

weekly wrap intro: where I introduced this weekly segment.

orange is the new black: where I split it into three parts: review about the book, the horrible American prison system and compared the book to the TV show.

the grisha trilogy: where I talked about the series as a whole and raged about Mal.

boy meets boy: where I talked about how awesome this book was. This was also my first legit M/M romance (that I can remember)


On my massive hold list, 3 books came through for me:

Ruin and Rising– 5 stars

Boy Meets Boy– 4 stars

A Thousand Pieces of You– 4 stars

*I’ll link the Goodreads page to each book here.

getting through the massive amount of books I own

Because of the Overdrive loans, I have only gotten to one of my owned books, The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold. I shall talk about this book more in my what to look for next week section.

next week’s outlook

Currently I am trying to finish The Almost Moon. It’s a weird book about matricide. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet but the cover is pretty so there’s that.

Overdrive came through for me again. I have Golden Son by Pierce Brown and Far from You by Tess Sharpe on deck. Expect blog posts/Goodreads reviews on those sometime this week.

I am also hoping to finish the Mistborn series. I have only one book left and I would love to start other stuff by Brandon Sanderson.

On the physical book section, I have Paris by Edward Rutherfurd and Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult on deck. Between the Lines will be a re-read but I’m counting it as a new read because I read it before Goodreads.

Well that is it! I hope you enjoyed the layout. If there is something different you guys want me to do, let me know. It is my first weekly wrap up so I’m still learning. I’m thinking about adding pictures of the books but sometimes WordPress gets a little iffy with them.

Be sure to follow my new twitter for this book @ravenclawlib. I tweet about books a lot and will almost always let you guys know what I will be reading next.



the grisha trilogy review

to read a blurb about the first book, Shadow and Bone, in this series on Goodreads, click here

to read a blurb about the second book, Siege and Storm, in this series on Goodreads, click here.

to read a blurb about the third book, Ruin and Rising, in this series on Goodreads, click here

This series was such a wild ride! I also had a million different conflicting emotions at any given time and that was something I seriously wasn’t used too. I was either rooting for Alina or cursing the mistakes she made. I was for the Darkling at one point, then switched to hating him, then switched to pitying him, then switched to I don’t even know anymore. I still haven’t quite figured him out yet. Never have I felt so much emotion while reading a series. Normally they stay pretty consistent with a few ups and downs. But I’m glad that a writer can bring out so many emotions in me. I consider that a sign of good writing.

If you guys read my review of Ruin and Rising then you know just how much this series affected me. I’ll attempt to recreate that without spoiling. So I am apologizing in advance if I give anything away. I don’t know what is considered a spoiler and what it is. Because people have different definitions of spoilers.

The Plot

I’ll start off with the plot, since that was the basis of this whole thing. Grish aren’t treated quite as well as they are in Six of Crows. Although, to be honest, I don’t think they were ever really treated well. Which is sad because Grisha are incredible. The Grisha are kind of ruled by someone called the Darkling. I mean, they have a King that they follow but mainly the Darkling controls the Grisha. The long and short of it is Alina, the Sun Summoner, attempts to take down the Darkling.

I thought the plot was interesting enough. I mean just by the sounds of the Darkling’s name, you could tell he was bad news bears. But that was thing with the plot. You never really knew if what Alina was doing was good or bad. Leigh Bardugo weaved such a tale that often times I was conflicted. Was what the Darkling doing really so awful? Was Alina truly doing things to save Ravka or doing it for her own selfish reasons? Those were the two questions that swirled in my mind constantly, especially in the last the book. The last book really messed me up. I think I will be affected by it for a very long time.

The Characters


I had many issues with Alina in the beginning. I considered her an exceptionally weak character and I can’t stand weak characters. I consider myself a weak person, why would I want to read about someone who is weak? She did start to redeem herself, in my eyes, when she realized she was Grisha and more importantly, the Sun Summoner. She had all this immense power but who did she let run her over and destroy her repeatedly? MAL. More on him later because I have a lot to say about him. After some time, Alina did start to turn around for me and I really started to like her. Sometimes. More often than not, I liked her confidence she started to portray. She started to lead and I liked that.



Ugh. Why was he even a thing in this book? Why?! He did nothing and just annoyed me more often than not. He was NOT supportive of Alina and I often found their relationship incredibly toxic. He never supported Alina in using her powers and told her repeatedly that he couldn’t be with her while she was a Grisha, not caring how much that hurt Alina. Alina gave him so freakin much for him and he just took it all for granted! I didn’t support their relationship. At all. I thought he was incredibly selfish and hurt Alina because of his own shortcomings. He sort of started to redeem himself but I still couldn’t bring myself to fully support him or his relationship with Alina.


The Darkling:

I was and am still conflicted about the Darkling. Was he good? Was he bad? I still have no idea if he was good or bad. Perhaps he is considered an anti hero like Kaz. Regardless, he was certainly an interesting character to read about. I wouldn’t mind getting a novel about him. Maybe the entire Grisha trilogy from his point of view? Anyway, I was secretly hoping that him and Alina might end up together. Everything about them seemed to work. He seemed to understand her in a way that nobody else could. But it was hard to look past how he killed thousands of people just because he could. That is something that you don’t easily overlook.

Overall, I really liked this trilogy. It had it’s faults, sure, but it was really solid. I adore the Grisha world. There something about the powers and how natural they are. It just makes me want to keep coming back for more. I really hope that maybe we get a Darkling novel because that would be just so cool. He had such an interesting power.

Regardless of how I felt about the ending or the characters, I’m glad I read this series. For all the emotional trauma I endured, I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.


the girl with the dragon tattoo movie review

to read a blurb about this movie on IMDB, click here

to read my review about the book with the same title, click here

this movie is currently available on Netflix.

TW: a pretty graphic rape scene. it is mentioned in the book but it’s quite vivid in the movie. not as bad as The Last House on the Left but pretty close. 

I finally watched this movie! I was feeling watching a movie the other night, which almost never happens, and I decided why not watch this one? I remembered my promise to watch and review the movies and I didn’t want to let any of my readers down so I did and I have no regrets because it was super amazing! It takes a lot for me to gush about movies so you can be assured that it’s a very good movie!

I watched the Swedish version because, well the book is Swedish (translated to English) and I felt that watching the American version just wouldn’t feel right. Also, I don’t think the American one was available on Netflix. Plus I’ve heard that it isn’t very good. Perhaps, if it comes on Netflix or Hulu, I’ll watch it and do a comparison post.

Anyway, on to the actually review because I’m getting side tracked.

I am seriously blown away as I mentioned repeatedly. This movie literally copied the book almost to a tee. There were a few inconsistencies but nothing super major and it certainly didn’t detract from the story in anyway. The inconsistencies weren’t important to the story. They were more of just side things that happen when Mikael and Lisbeth weren’t together.

The actors that were chosen for Mikael (Michael Nyquist) and Lisbeth (Noomi Rapace) were spot on. Nyquist has so many funny facial expressions when dealing with Rapace that it just brought the whole thing together. It’s not mentioned in the book, the facial expressions, but it really added to the movie. Lisbeth was played to a tee. I’ve been told that Rapace is actually a pretty famous Swedish actress, so that really helps. Rapace really captured the awkwardness and socially stunted Lisbeth so well, it was like the part was made for her. I am still thinking about this movie and I watched it a couple nights ago. That’s how good it is.

I will certainly be continuing with the rest of the trilogy, perhaps this weekend. I have a bunch of TV shows to catch up on so it might have to wait until next Tuesday. Regardless, I am anxious to see how well the portray the rest of the books and will be sure to watch them as soon as I can. If it’s anything like this anything like this movie, I’m going to be in for a treat. And I can’t wait!